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For three days she jerks off my dick 6 min. Pumped stepdaughter's petite pussy with cum 5 min.

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Popular New. Best friends wife let me cum in her cunt. Morning sex with best friend's wife. I like to fuck my best friends wife. Best friend's wife after party wants me to cum on her, incredible petite MILF.

My age 33
What is my ethnicity: Syrian
I love: Shy guy
What I prefer to drink: Ale

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I finally fucked my wifes bestfriend.

This is her bestfriend for life, they have know each other since Jr. It is totally my wifes fault. She gave me all the information I needed. First of all her bestfriend has the most beautiful ass in the world. She is incredible.

I always played it down when my wife would ask if she was pretty. I said what? Her friend admitted that the reason she had so many affairs is that she felt so bad saying no to a guy when they wanted to have sex with her that she would just accept, so that she would not make them feel bad. They argued about that because my wife asked her how she could just fuck someone just to not make them feel bad and she told her that she did not know how to say no.

I knew then what I needed to do. The next time my wife was out of town for the day I went out of my way to bump into her friend. I made up an excuse for her to come over to see a new cellphone that I was selling because she loves new cells, and made my move.


When she walked in she asked for my wife and I told her that she was out of town. Then I showed her the phone and let her use it. Then I started getting close, and she said what are you doing.

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I told her that I always thought she was beautiful and that I just once wanted to know how it felt to be with her. When she said that I was her bestfriends husband I gave her a sad look and told her that I felt so bad because she was telling me no, and that I just wanted one time to know what it felt to be with someone so beautiful, and I got close again and started touching her and kissing her and she just let me, and I knew I was in.

I did not waiste any time I started taking her close off and sucking her tits, and pulled her dress up and just dropped her thong abit and penetrated her from behind while standing up. She had a big beautiful ass, just gorgous. I had also heard from my wife that her friend liked getting fucked in the ass, but that had to wait because I was going to cum in her pussy first. After I came in her pussy.

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She said ok now you have been with me I have to go and I said no, now we go into the extra room and finish what we started and I pulled her into the guessroom. I made her suck me until I got hard again and fucked her every way I could think. To be honest I used a half pill of viagra so that I would not go limp during the next four hours.

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I fucked her until she was raw, and she really does like getting ass fucked. I love the fact that she is so submissive. Even if she does not want to do something she does it if I insisted. I made her promise that we would never talk about this to anyone, and I also made her promise that it was not the last time. I told her that I would make her come again when my wife, her bestfriend was out of town again, and that it would always be our little secret.

She looked so disapointed when I told her that she was a good friend because if I was fucking her and her bestfriend I would not have time to fuck anyone else. Then I made her suck my dick again. I am still so excited about this, I cant believe that I have a beautiful wife and I am fucking her supermodel bestfriend too. Good work.

Keep fucking her. Maybe try to fuck both of them together. I stopped having sex with my ex as soon as i realized it's all he ever cared about. He don't just have this animalistic urge about it,he also won't stop cheating behind me.

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Thanks i was referred to ''hackingloop6 gmail. My wife's life long friend is a single 46 yr old. Her tits are natural 48 e.

White skin latina. My wife blew me and swallowed, ten feet away from her sleeping friend. I want to bang her bad, but not at a cost of my marriage. She was flirtatious and very sexual to me. The husband of my best friend has fucked me on numerous occasions ever since the first time three years ago when Jane took a evening class at the college here he'd come over to visit and he made his move on me and he did everything I told Jane what got to me years ago when we talked about our secrets.

The two had been friends since 2nd grade and had promised to be there for each other forever. I married my girl and after 24yrs still have 3-somes with Theresa weekly.

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Of course, it's easy because she lives in the guest house by the pool and drive a BMW I bought her for her birthday last year. Man, I love my wife and Theresa! I have my wife's permission to fuck her best friend any time she wants to fuck as long as I tell her about it. I want the same with my wife's friend but she won't come across.

She shows me her camel toe then my doc goes hard she likes to look at it but won't touch it. I just want to cum inside her beautiful pussy. Awesome guy, sounds like you had a great time hope you get to have her again some time.

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I want to suck My boyfriend chokes me out, smacks me Hi, I'm 34 and I have a son of I came to confess that my son and i I make my bf wear diapers sometimes all After hearing stories all over I fell Fucked my wifes best friend I finally fucked my wifes bestfriend.

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