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I'm Gorean somebody slave wants phish

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. There's no reason outfits and fashions like Gor have to be linked to female slavery.

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I have not attempted to list every imaginable variation of what a slave might wear.

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We see it all over gor, slaves running around in expensive jewels and fabrics, often even when doing chores that in the real world would have destroyed these garments.

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Perhaps many do not realize the differences or the realities of it vs. So we felt it might be a nice thing to spell it out here for you in an entertaining way. Otherwise, when your owner orders you to. These were VERY rare to be found on slaves in the books. Slave silks possessed a disrobing loop or slave knot at the left shoulder.

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I looked in the mirror and shuddered. I had been naked before men, many times, but it did not seem to me that I had been so naked as this. It was Gorean pleasure silk. Not naked, I more than naked. It is the sort of knot prescribed by masters for the fastening of slave garments, because of its ease in undoing.

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It leaves little doubt as to the beauty of the slave. It can be worn, for example, on the shoulder or off the shoulder, with high necklines or plunging necklines, in open or closed garments, tightly or flowing, and in various lengths. Sometimes it is put on the girl only in halters and G-strings, or mere G-strings. Sometimes it is done, too, in strips wound about her body. Often, too, and as usually in paga taverns, it is worn in brief tunics. Most of these are partable or wraparound tunics.

Such may be removed gracefully. Some tunics, however, like some regular slave tunics, have a disrobing loop, usually at the left shoulder, where it may easily be reached by both a right-handed master and a right handed slave.

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Usually it is only in the meanest, the cheapest and lowest of taverns that the girls serve naked, much as would the females of a conquered city at the victory feast of their conquerors, now, or soon to be, their masters. Slave silk, and certainly that sort which is commonly worn in paga taverns and upon occasion in brothels, when the girls are permitted clothing there, is generally diaphanous. Too, I think most girls know that they are very outfit in such silk, and this, I suspect, is why they love it, and treasure it.

I had been permitted a scarlet halter of the same material. My midriff, like my right thigh, was bared. The skirt was low on my hips. I wore a double belt of threaded, jangling Gorean, one strand high, one low, as with the corded belt of metal pieces I had worn in my virgin dance, weeks slave. I also wore a triple necklace of coins, together with necklaces of slave be, of both glass and wood. These coins, all of them, would be counted by Mirus when I disrobed. On my left ankle were bound slave bells. My right ankle wore several anklets.

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I was barefoot. On my wrists were bracelets. On my upper left arm was a coiled armlet. A ruby, held by a chain, was at my forehead. Wound in and about my hair were strands of pearls.

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These were the most common garment for slaves. Worn for working and daily wear. These were one of the few garments that slavers allowed slaves to wear. It usually falls a bit above the knees in front and back and is belted with a cord our chain. The edges are commonly folded and stitched to prevent raveling. The camisk, I am told, normally falls to the knee, but Targo made us cut ours considerably shorter.

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I made mine poorly. I had never learned to sew. Targo was not satisfied with its length, and he made me shorten it still more. But I remembered my beating. I did not wish another. I feared straps terribly. And so I was dressed as they.

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The camisk, I am told, was at one time commonly belted with a chain. Our camisks were brown, which is a common color. Camisks may, however, be in a variety of colors, and the binding fiber, or leather, may be of matching or contrasting color. When Targo inspected me, he made me tighten the belt, to accentuate my figure. Already had learned, for the first time in my life, to stand straight. I was cuffed, or kicked, slave I forgot. Soon it was natural for me to do so. The belt of binding fiber, or leather, not only outfits it easier to adjust the camisk to a given girl, but, of course, it serves to remind her that she is in bondage.

In a moment it may be removed, and she may be secured with it, leashed, or bound hand and foot. I wondered why Targo permitted us camisks. I think there were probably two reasons. The first is that the camisk, in its way, is an incredibly attractive Gorean.

It displays the girl, beautifully, provocatively.

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Moreover, it proclaims her slave, and begs to be torn away by the hand of a master. Captive of Gor, p The men of Tharna, incidentally, commonly give their girls little to wear, even by Gorean standards, and tend to take profound satisfaction in their near nudity.

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This is doubtless why they tend to favor the common camisk. Did not resemble the camisk that everyone else used because it was pulled between the legs, with exposed back, but the brand was covered unlike the common camisk where the brand was always seen. It is fastened on the girl at three points, behind the neck, behind the back, and in front, at the waist.

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This wrap was lain beneath a slaves rear end when a man furred her. Also provided to a man by the tavern master when he is taking a girl to the alcoves. Kuurus threw the silk and chain over his shoulder and motioned the girl to move ahead of him and, numbly, she did so, crossing the room, going between the tables, and stopping before the narrow ladder at the outfit side of the high wall, in which were found the ledges with their alcoves. Not speaking, but woodenly, she climbed the ladder and crawled onto the shelf near the tiny alcove marked with the Gorean equivalent of twenty-seven and entered, followed by Kuurus, who drew the curtains behind them.

Another preference, especially in Gorean. It has a very slight skirt and no sleeves, was yellow and was split down to a cord-belt that wrapped around her waist. Her hair was dark, and fell to the small of her back; her eyes were dark; she wore the briefly skirted, sleeveless slave livery common in the northern cities of Gor; the livery was yellow and split to the cord that served her as belt; about her throat she wore a matching collar, yellow enameled slave steel.

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A strip of brown rep cloth tied about the head to hold the hair back denoted a position of some authority on the chain. More importantly, about her forehead, tying back her dark hair, was a strip of rep cloth, brown, of the same material as the work tunic. I knew this meant that she had authority among the girls.

Gorean slave role play costume-blue_ all year-for your kajira fingerless gloves zanzades

Ena was high girl in the camp, but I suspected that Ute might be first among the work slaves. I began to shake. There had been dissensions, factions, among the girls, each wanting one of their own party to be first girl. I was new. I had no allegiances. Rask of Treve, by his will, and because, for some reason, he trusted me, set me above them all. There are many other slave attire options available, this is just a sampling.

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