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I'm girl for somebody who like scars

So I am I've always been on the heavy side. And at age 17 realized that not only have I been fat, but according to my past girlfriends, I'm also below average in the pants.

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Have a good flashing story or a girl that likes flashing in public? We want to hear about it.

Years I am 37
Ethnic: Norwegian
My sexual identity: I like guy
Iris tone: Clear gray-blue
My body features: My figure type is quite fat
In my spare time I love: Hunting

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Famous Story. Published 7 years ago. This is not just a true story, it is a true full description of just one of the many sexual things I have done in my life. This one, however, is the first major sexual thing I ever did in public. It's a full description, of the very first time I ever flashed in public, at the ripe old age of sixteen. I was dating a senior in high school at the time, and he, like most teenage boys, loved fast cars.

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He took me to the national drag races, right here in good old Indianapolis. We started out, just walking around, but every so often I would hear a lot of guys yelling, and shouting. Shortly after that, I would hear them cheering, and whistling even louder. I had absolutely no idea what they were whistling, and cheering about. Less than an hour later I found out. I saw guys yelling at two grown women, and by grown women, I mean women in their mid twenties, give or take a few years. They were walking way ahead of us, and all of a sudden one of them pulled her top up, and the other one pulled her top down.

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They totally exposed their bare breasts everyone to see. That's when all the guys started cheering, and whistling like crazy. I could not believe my eyes.

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I had no idea this sort of thing went on in the world. I especially had no idea, right here in Indianapolis. Now, don't think that I was some sort of a shy sheltered prude of a teenager, because I most certainly was not. Heck, I had been wearing very revealing clothing for a few years.

Like tube tops, tank tops, halter tops, and short skirts to mini skirts. So you have some idea what I look like in those clothes, I will describe myself. I was a very petite brunette, with shoulder length hair. I was only 5 feet tall, and weighed just 85 pounds, with 36D - 19 - 32 measurements.

Obviously I had large breasts, and a very thin, and trim body.


My breasts, were bigger than all the senior girls at the high school. Believe me, I sure liked showing my body off wearing those revealing clothes too.

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But, I had never flashed like these ladies were doing. Exposing their naked body to total strangers. Again, I had no idea that kind of thing even went on. Boy, I sure liked the idea of it. Just the thought of exposing my bare breasts, or naked body to total strangers, turned me on like you would not believe. I wanted to do it right away, but I was with a date, and didn't think it would be a good idea.

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Besides, none of the guys were yelling at me. Even though, all I was wearing was a little blue jean skirt, and a pink tube top. Anyway, about an hour after that, we were walking past this chain link fence, and on the other side, is what's called the Pits. This is where the guys work on their race cars.

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As we walked past, several guys started yelling, and holding up a big that said, 'Show Us Your Tits'. I started looking around to find out who they were yelling at, but I didn't see any other girls around. Then I heard one of the guys yell out.

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I thought, 'Holy Shit! They were yelling at me. Even back then, my cunt instantly juiced up, and I could feel the juice oozing out of my little cunt hole.

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I was ready to explode with excitement, I mean, I was really turned on like I had never been before. I had no idea of what to do.

So I asked the boy I was with. I was hoping he would say go ahead and flash them if you want. But instead, he said. To say the least, I was very disappointed. I had so hoped, my date was going to say, go ahead, and show them your tits, Oh, how I wanted that.

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Well, we had only walked a short ways after that, and my date said, "I have to use the john, I'm going to be a while. Well, a huge light went on in my head. I instantly said to him, "Hey, I'm going to the concession stand, and get us something to drink. I walked right back to where those men, had yelled at me. Hey, the drink concession stand was back that way, I had no choice, Right? Well, I went right up close to where those guys were at. I stopped behind this little shed, or at least, I think that's what you girl call it. Different thoughts were just flashing in my head.

I, clearly, remember thinking back then, should I do it, I want to do it, but, should I do it. I'll tell you, I had become so nervous, that my legs were actually shaking. Hell, I was scared to story.

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But, just the thought of exposing My bare breasts to them, was driving me wild inside. I can't even begin to tell you, how long I stood behind that shed, trying to work up the courage to walk out into their view.

I was so excited, and scared, I was ready to burst. I thought what the hell Kathy. Quit being a chicken, and get your ass out there. So I stood up real straight, pulled my shoulders back, which really made my breast stick way out there. I drew a deep breath, and walked out into their view. I walked until I was out of their sight. Oh my, how disappointed I was, that they hadn't yelled at me. My head was still spinning, but I remember thinking right away, they must have figured I wouldn't do it, because I didn't when they yelled at me earlier.

Anyway, that is what I thought back then. I then thought, I would give it one more try.

Since I had to walk back that way anyhow. So, I again stood up straight. I pulled my shoulders way back, and I walked, and walked, and walked. I had just about gotten back to the little shed. I was even more disappointed then before, that they had not yelled at me. That's when I heard a guy yell out. Then a couple of other men shouted. Hell, my whole body was shaking. I kept walking, but had slowed way down. I looked over at them, and just about all of them started yelling.

I really wasn't sure what to do.