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I am hunting sex guy that Gay jocks

Hello, I am an alumnus at a very fine university. I am about thirty-five, have a slightly receding hairline, and am overall an average looking guy. I also happen to be gay.

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The day started out like any other, but today he was mine. As I walked into the front lobby from the cold, I saw him, Tyce, the modern adonis of every high school. With me, johnbeing just your average guy who never stood out in a crowd, I have dark brown hair with jet black eyes and no tan at all with a medium build and a large cock for my body size 8 inches.

What is my age 18
Hair color: I've long thick white hair
I prefer to drink: Tequila
What I like to listen: Rap
Smoker: Yes

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God, the morons on this university campus. Nearly as bad as the jocks in high school. I roll my eyes. Watch your fucking step, dumbass.

Eric freezes, back straightening, rigidly. He turns to face me carefully, controlled. I sneer. Fucking disgusting. A muscle bulges menacingly in his jaw. I find myself thinking about it through breakfast, ignoring the dirty looks Vince, my roommate, keeps sending me. I did Literature 01, 02, and 03 at the same time, no fucking way am I throwing it away, even if I have to spend hours tutoring the most moronic of dumb jocks.

Big, dumb jock

It was why I was at the coffee shop in the first place. I end up having to style my hair without a mirror, and it feels weird, almost like my hair is curling on itself, shorter somehow. For some reason, it takes me much less time than usual to get the the center. I had to adjust my bag straps. They were digging into my chest. It proved surprisingly popular. This is gonna be fucking torture. Who does she think she is?

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Fucking hell. Time to get this shit over and done with.

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A tall, brawny guy opens the door after a few moments. I fucking hate that word. His face lights up. I save that word to describe girls. At least he picks a proper chair. I did Dostoyevsky last year, with Mr Martin himself.

Piece of fucking cake. How mentally deficient do you have to be to struggle with it? How much simpler can you get than alienation, nihilism, poverty, and the superman idea? I quickly skim the info. Goddamn Vince. Maybe the fucker did it on purpose after what happened with Eric. My pants in particular seem to have really shrunk. I could go ask Elena if you need to read your thing. Maria pulls up a chair as he makes his way to the door, seating herself across from me.

Maria looks at me strangely. God, this headache. I clear my throat, because my voice sounds rougher, deeper. Does reading my old notes count as studying with Jake?

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She gives me an encouraging smile. I forgot she was here. How long was I reading for? My cheeks feel hot. My head hurts. What the hell? Jesus, my head is pounding. My dick hurts.

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I clear my throat. Why is she acting so normal? I was supposed to be tutoring people, right? Jake pops his head in a moment later. Wanna come?

No way. I nearly fall over. My clothes are really tight and they hurt my shoulders and my legs. When I leave the quiet room, I realize I forgot where the bathroom is. I stumble over there, opening the door really hard, and I freeze when I see myself in the mirror. The only things that look like me are my eyes. My muscles are really, really fucking huge. I move closer, and the jock in the mirror moves closer too, and I stick out my hand to touch my face. My chin is bigger, my face is wider. My eyebrows look hairier. It nearly reaches my knee. I stand up straight, and for some reason, the voice makes my dick go hard, even though it really hurts in these pants.

I know that voice. You said I had it coming! That was what I said!

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But now my head hurts so much when I try to think of something else to call him. Girls are supposed to be hot.

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I shiver. Eric is standing right in front of me, and his chest is nearly touching my chest, and if I move forward maybe I could kiss him. Eric laughs. Tyler was really smart, but he was also an absolute ass who thought the world revolved around him. Tyler studied Literature and Arts and Law because he was really good with language and could actually than a sentence without having to mouth the words as he was going. Tyler wanted to be a famous writer when he grew up.

Ty wants to be a football coach or a gym instructor when he grows up because those are the only things he can do, now. My eyes are burning and my nose is running because I know the things he said are true.

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I want to be Tyler, not Ty. If I want him to say how he did it or turn me back or… or not turn me back. He kisses me really hard and wraps his fingers around my dick. He opens my fly with his other hand and pulls my underwear down and pushes me into the wall with his body. His hand is really, really tight, and my dick is so fucking hard, and he keeps jerking it up and down and up and down and my dick throbs and gets harder and harder and suddenly heat builds up inside it and I come all over his fingers.

And then I keep coming, and I jock coming, and it spurts all over my too tight underwear, and then all over my too tight jeans, and then he rubs his hand on my shirt. Hotness Straight forward if the most flexible, this is how exciting the story is, how much it arouses you in and of itself.

Mind control The degree to which the control is sex in an appealing and interesting manner. Wanking Not to be confused as a synonym for hotness, which denotes excitability, this defines how much it actively gets you off rather than just how exciting it is. Writing The level of skill showcased in the telling. This is how good you are at telling a story versus writing a smut piece.

If you have anplease log on story and then click on 'Forum' again to access the forum with your. You can use the forum without logging in. But then you can only read existing postings, you won't be able to post anything yourself. Big, dumb jock Statistics 3. Big, dumb Gay. By Trylithin - null null.

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