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Swiss chica hunting for fan for Furry

Fanfiction: Transformative Works from Shakespeare to Sherlock ass homework to read a story replacing characters with animals.

naughty prostitute Raina

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This article was originally posted on The Furry Writer. It seems to work well for artists — but what about those of us who are more text-based? It makes sense to want to post to FA. For those using Microsoft Word, this means you need to make sure to not just save it as a.

Years old 50
What is my favourite drink: I prefer to drink vodka
I prefer to listen: I prefer to listen electronic
What is my hobbies: Sports

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black female Savannah

Need thoughts on Characters! Hey guys.

talent whore Melany

I got more art to post soon, but I've been feeling kind of down lately. I need a distraction form things, and normally I like to read cheese romance stories with a little sex in them to make me feel better.

I used to read a lot of pony fan fiction with stories like that over on Fimfic, but I want something new. I've been trying to find a good human x anthro story to read, but it's been hard for me to do. Fimfic is such a great site when you want a nice MLP story, but there doesn't seem to be a site like that for pure furry stuff. So I wanted to ask you guys if you knew of a good site where I can search for stories, or if you know a good human x anthro story I should read.

I'm looking for a more longer one to read, but the short stuff can be nice too.

eye-candy sister Ember

I don't mind if its a real book too that I can buy as long as its good. So how about it? You got any human x anthro stories I should read? Hmm, I tend to have either human or anthro stories, but not really any in my gallery with both at the moment. I've been cranking out a few human story chapters the past few days.

fit girl Iyla

Yeah I am looking for the mix! Just something fun about a human falling for a a anthro character lol.

fit wife Kadence

Cool, I appreciate it. It might not be what you're looking for, but I hope you can enjoy it nonetheless.

Gelus link. Welp, time to keep an eye on -this- Journal, because that is my favorite. Same man And it seems so hard to find good stories like that. Gelus link parent.

hot single Rhea

It is, a lotta furry folks don't like humans in their smut or stories, which I find bizarre since the entire point of anthropomorphic animals is Who knows, though. RTS93 Watcher link. Hey Puss. A man of wisdom, i see. Well, there are many human x furry stories on pastebin. Also, there is a 4chan thread that talks about this topic. I could show it to you if you'd like. Yeah man!

2. sofurry

Send me a link! That would be awesome. RTS93 Watcher link parent. Osprey Traditional Artist link. Have you checked SoFurry? There tends to be a lot of stuff there that isn't here and their keyword system tends to be way more accurate than here.

slut lady Zaria

I have, but I mean honestly I haven't been looking long. I'm looking right now, but nothing is popping up. Is that your story?

slut miss Lyanna

I shall check it out! Well, not to brag, but mine's pretty good.

1. fur affinity

Can do! Thank you! I will give those a try as well. I haven't really looked here on FA cause FA kind of sucks if you want to read stories. For reading stories, particularly multi-chapter ones, I recommend using Classic mode. LittleHybrid Digital Artist link.

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LittleHybrid Digital Artist link parent. CocoaNibs BrownieMan link. I just looked through my rather extensive fimfiction library, and I was not able to find any humanxanthro per se, but I do have a of romances that I think would fit your desire for slow burners if you would be interested. I've read a lot of the human x anthros on Fimfic, that's kind of why I am looking for some stuff outside of the pony world :P.

CocoaNibs BrownieMan link parent. DraekoSilver Anthro Artist link. I will give these a shot! If you wish it hon, I have written a few back when I tried to do commissions for erotic story writing.

naughty female Ryan

I'd love to share them with you if you won't mind giving me some critique I love critique, as it helps me write better. I don't have any stories to recommend, unfortunately. I've tried to use that site before, but all the stories I did find where really bad Ah, sorry to hear that. The only other stories I read on a regular basis are vore related and I doubt that's something you're looking for. As someone who almost exclusively re humanxfurry, I consider Fate Also Smiles to be one of the best, if not the best story of the genre.

But to corroborate, it is a wonderful story. One of my favorite, not just of the genre, but period. Wirewolf IIRC the author created a fantastic work. Ha, came here to post this actually. Looks awesome!

stunner housewives Daniela

And I like long things. No homo. I'll give it a shot for sure though! ChryseumKnight link parent. Boy was I glad to have come across this comment and chose this as my first ever Furry story. The prose, the setting, the characters, even the pacing is exactly that I've hoped to have. A human x furry story of this quality is a rarity. I thank you for recommending this!

TempFizzle link. Nope, I'm more into a variety of music on that subject. And clop. TempFizzle link parent. Maybe I should give FA a second chance It's just not a great site to read stuff on imo. But these stories seem nice. Unfortunately, yes. FA is not the best place to read stories. Without a proper tagging system it's a pain in the tail to find something more specific. I found these through sheer persistence. Anubislaughed Artist link. Perhaps this might strike your fancy?

Can you narrow down exactly what you are looking for? Something else? I can probably give you a list of stories you'd like.