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While five-year reunions are more popular now, the stakes are pretty low when there have only been five years since graduation, considering most people are just starting their careers. The pressure feels more "on" at the year-reunions, or at least the drama is heightened by movies focused on impressing your former classmates.

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After a decade of not seeing old classmates, we're always curious to see where they ended up. Below are 22 testimonies of what people found out when they went to their high school reunions. He came out super buff. Turns out, it was one of his old football buddies. So, I'd say that was a very big transformation.

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I had a crush on a girl in high school and always regretted not taking the chance and asking her out.

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Five minutes into the reunion she leans over and tells me that she had a big crush on me in high school and that I was the only guy she would have dated. Edit: At the time the statement didn't compute, and basically replied "same here" She is probably one of the nicest people I know, the type of women that you realize you should have married.

What are your worst high school reunion stories?

I stopped regretting my choices when I found out she was a lesbian - it was a strange ego acid trip to find out that there was a possibility my life could be different because someone was indifferent to my gender. Just had my five year this past July. There were a few golden moments, but the best was when the 'popular girl' came to talk to me.

I had seriously never spoken a word to this girl in my life, nor had she to me.

Awkward moments from high school reunions

She said, "I don't even know why I came here, everybody hated me in high school. I was such a bitch. Sorry, by the way. Still not sure if she was apologizing to the right person, but I appreciated it on behalf of my fellow nerds.

15 people share stories of the worst things that happened at high school reunions.

She really was a bitch. They do reunions after 5 years? I was never notified :.

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At my school, the whole bitchiness between popular kids and nerds stopped after middle school. I fucked one of the "popular girls" after school. But to be fair, it wasn't at the 5 year reunion, we met like 3 years after high school. And also, she wasn't that big of a bitch. And I became relatively rich after high school. Don't really know why I'm telling this.

19 high school reunion confessions that may surprise you

I guess I just wanted to brag a little bit. This ends in a socially awkward penguin meme if you didn't capitalize on this situation. I was hoping to meet up with the girl I dated through HS but she didn't show up. When I asked around I found out she died a couple years earlier.

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Wow, I came to tell the same story different girl I am assuming. Ruins the party, doesn't it. Worse thing for me was that I seemed to be the only one at the reunion who noticed.

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Found the internet! What are your worst High School reunion stories?

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Posted by 10 years ago. Five year coming up soon, might have to create one of my own.

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Sort by: best. Tl;dr : And that is how I met your mother!

People share stories about high school reunions that have gone terribly, terribly wrong

Smack in the face right there. That was your one threesome opportunity I'm scared of this happening.

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Chasing Amy, eh? Continue this thread.

School & reunion jokes, stories, poems

Maybe it was just a general apology. That would have been nice to hear, for me at least. Created Jan 25, Top posts november 17th Top posts of november, Top posts Back to Top.

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