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Post a Comment. Tuesday, November 22, Julie. For the past of years I have been a student at a prestigious New England college but I recently graduated, with honors in a magna cum laude status, but with a major problem: due to the bad economy I've been unable to find a job.

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My personal dream" Part 2.

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I was 14 at the time and my family and I were going to Colorado and going skiing for a week. I even got to bring my friend Mike along. We were renting a cabin in the woods. The day of the trip I was so psyched!

Friday, july 21,

It was going to be my first time on an airplane! Everything went fine on the way over, except for a little turbulence.

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I almost pissed my pants during that. When we got to the cabin I was amazed. The place was huge! Everybody got their own room. We were all tired from the trip so we ate and went to bed. The next day we would go skiing.

We all had to pass a test and I passed with flying colors. My friend Mike had to try it a few times but he got it. About half way through the third day Mike and I had the idiotic idea to go down a double black diamond. We started off ok, but then Mike accidentally sped up and got ahead of me. In result, I tried to catch up and ran into him. On the way down I heard a lot of weird snapping and cracking.


I thought I would never feel the pain in my body that I did. I looked over at Mike. We both said, "OW! Chapter 2 — What Happened to Me We woke up in the hospital, side by side in beds. Mike woke up before me. He was already watching TV. I felt really dizzy. I saw Mike was awake and watching TV. We had tumbled down the hill and I had heard a lot of really weird breaking. Both of my legs were covered in elastic bandages and padding. The bandages also came up around my waist and middle torso.

I tried to touch myself when I felt a very sharp pain in arm. I figured I had bandages on my arm too and something restraining my neck. Again I felt very dizzy.

Ok stupid question. I almost did too, except I passed out instead. I woke up about 5 minutes later with a nurse standing over me. Brandon can you hear me? I said yes. Let me tell you what happened.

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She said that when we fell down the hill we had both broken a lot of bones. I had somehow broken both my ankles in the ski boots, broken both the tibia and fibula in several places on my right leg, broken the fibula in many places and cracked the tibia in my left leg. In my right leg I had also broken the femur and broken both my hips.

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I had broken a total of 4 ribs; 3 on the left side, 1 on the right. My neck was broken too. I had broken my hand, thumb, all fingers, the radius and ulna in two places each, and my upper arm on the right arm. I had dislocated my shoulder on the left arm, broken my elbow, two bones in my hand and my thumb. She also said that tomorrow I would be placed in a cast. She explained that because I broke so many so many bones in certain places, that I would probably be put in a type of body cast.

This body cast would start at my feet, covering them totally excluding the toes unless I wanted the toes covered. The cast would completely cover my legs and come up over the hips, covering the torso. The cast would continue covering my whole torso, casting the neck coming down the shoulders, arms, and covering the fingers and thumb seeing they were also broken.

She said on the left arm they might leave the fingers un-casted, but I complained that they hurt. She checked them over and figured they were probably also broken.

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So I would be put in a full blown body cast, everything but the head. Great right? I had been interested in casts for a few years and dreamed of having a cast, but not like this. I was going to be in a freekin body cast! The nurse said I would be in a cast like this for at least 8 weeks. I would be laid up, not being able to sit up, bored and stiff for at least 8 weeks, probably longer.

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After that I would be in 2 long leg casts and 2 long arm casts, this time covering only my thumb and hand, not fingers, but after 2 weeks the cast would be taken off my left arm but have a type of elbow brace on. I would also have a halo brace on.

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After a period of 6 weeks, I would get new casts. This time I would have a long leg cast on my right leg, short leg cast on the left, and either a type of long arm brace or cast on my arm and the brace would be removed off my left arm after 4 weeks and that would be it for the left arm.

The brace would also be removed from my neck.

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I would still be casted after 4 weeks of that but only the right leg which would then probably be reduced to a short leg cast. I would have something called a CAM walker of my left leg then but I could take it off.

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My right arm would be in a short arm cast then after that time would tell, but I was looking at least 6 months in casts and braces. He broke both of his ankles like me. He broke both his tibias and fibulas in several places, although the left leg was worse. He broke both of his arms in several places too.

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On the left arm he broke his wrist, thumb, all fingers, the radius in 3 places and the ulna in 2 places. On the right arm he broke his wrist, thumb, all fingers, the radius in 4 places and the ulna in 3 places, and broke his elbow. If they did decide to put the cast over his shoulder, they probably would put it over the left shoulder too seeing he would only be able to move his shoulder anyway. After that he would be in 2 long leg casts, and if they put the body cast over the shoulders, he would be changed to 2 long arm casts, otherwise his casts would just be changed to another set of long arm casts.

That would last about another weeks and after that it was hard to tell. Mike said that his neck hurt when he moved it.

After undergoing more x-rays, it was discovered that he did have 1 vertebra broken in his neck. He was given a halo brace for the time, and it was decided that because of this, he would be put in a full body cast like me. Tomorrow we would get our casts. We would have to pick our colors before hand because they were going to give us sleeping gas because of the pain of setting the bones.

All I really cared about then though, was when I got to go home, and in 6 months when I would be free of casts and braces. Tomorrow, our body casts would be applied.