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It was just over a year ago.

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Several years ago I began having episodes of fecal incontinence at night while asleep. Sometimes every few months or multiple times a week. I chalked it up to the frequent diarrhea I had been having since my gastric bypass in

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I was a freshman at a sate colege. I had been sheltered as. I never was out pass ten a clock. I was a home body. I had no interest in being out pass ten. I loved my family. I did want a little more fredom. I was ready to enter adult hood. The dorms were coed. The guy to girl on my floor was close to half.

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I was excited. I made friends almost right away. I liked the school almost immediately. We had to be back at the dorm by midnight. That was fine by me. The first day went well. At night right before lughts out, the dorm supervisor called flooor meeting. The dorm supervisors welcomed the incoming students. Freshman and transfer students.

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No one likes to admit that they have issues with bed wetting. Some times first time colege students who have never had isues with bed time incontinence develop isues.

An incontinence disclosure toolkit

It can caused by stress. Over the years incoming freshman isues with incontinence have been on the rise. I was perplexed. I had no idea where he was going with this. All students must be diapered before going to bed. The d. We will make sure that the diapers are secured.

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We ask that you not take off your diaper until morning. The bathrooms are locked after midnight. You are not alowed to acess them. We recommend that you use the facilities before you go to bed. Its sounds gross but take precautions. I was shocked and stuned.

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I realy wanted to like the college. So far i had. I was having a great time. I disliked this. I see why they waited until now to inform us.

Story of mrs. vr who did not have stress urinary incontinence

If you wear shorts or a nightgowan or pjs you will need to show us. Afer the meeting was concluded, we were to go to our rooms. I took off my shoes. I unzipped my jeens.

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I pulled it off. I took off my underware.

Anonymous’s personal story

Amanda my roommate came in. She took off her pants and panties. She took off her diaper. She asked me if i would close her straps. I went over and closed it. She thanked me. I took out my diaper. She closed my straps. I waited to put on shorts before the dorm advisors had time to examine it. I did not want to put it on just to take it off again. I waited. Max and debie came in.

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They looked at my diaper. They concluded that my diaper was sucure. Amanda diaper was looked over. She was concluded to have a sicure diaper as well. They left.

Incontinence stories

I put on my shorts. She put on a t shirt but nothing else. I got into bed. I tried not to wory about it. Everyone else hear wore a diaper. It rely was not a big deal. I fell asleep fairly easy.

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I did not wet myself. I woke up needing to pee. Mandy had peed her diaper.

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There was a huge stain on her diaper. I felt horible. I took off my diaper and used the toilet. I felt so good. I got dressed.

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Mandy took off her diaper and showered. The next night i went to bed.

Sex and urinary incontinence: desiree’s story

I had not peed. I felt awfull again.

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I was getting tired of waking up with a full bladder. I decided to give permison to pee my diaper. I woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee. I waw going to let myself pee.

I imagined being in a tolet. I imagined peing. The urine started to drip into my diaper. It started off small. More came. It felt good. It was alnost orgasmic. I fell back asleep. I had a full diaper.