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Time wife searching story for First

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for Free! Published 5 years ago. My wife Sandra and I had been married for 15 years and our sex life was still pretty much OK you know usual once a week or twice a month and we often spiced it up with me whispering a fantasy situation into her ear which had the effect of Sandra moaning out load and asking me to bite her nipples hard. Sandra is a size 10 short bobbed auburn hair and 34d breasts she stands about 5'3" and when drunk can be a real hand full but not in a nice way as she tends to get very gobby which lands us in all sorts of trouble thankfully she doesn't get that way to often. We had been invited to a 40th birthday party at a friends house so come the night of the party we got dressed into the usual party going stuff, nothing to exciting, black trousers and a black Lacey top for her and jeans and a shirt for me. The party went really and although Sandra got quite drunk she became very flirty and looked like she wanted a good night so at about 12 she said lets go I want to fuck you woopee I thought and got our coats.

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My sexual orientation: Man
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I guess the truth was that we had no particular destination in mind, and that was probably a good thing.

We simply put one foot in front of the other — together — just to see where the path would take us. Who would have guessed that watching each other fuck someone else would become our obsession — for good, and maybe not so good, reasons? By the second half of we were both feeling like the full-swap experience was the natural next step for us. We were hoping to kind of fall into a foursome, maybe on vacation or at a sex club.

But for the next six months nothing really happened, except for a spontaneous soft swap oral sex only experience on our summer trip to Hedonism II in Jamaica. Clearly, a more active approach was required.

HER: Just after New Yearswe decided to revisit the world of online datingand that changed everything. A mere month and several false starts after we set up our profile, Brandon and Nadia reached out to us. Right away we liked their artsy, outdoorsy pictures.

We were also drawn to their appreciation for intelligent humour, multi-faceted creativity, and easy-going natures.

We wrote back to them and set up dinner for a few days later. HIM: We considered it a good that they were able to book something right away. Dinner itself was pleasant. No fireworks, I would say, but no alarm bells either. They were both passionate about the work they did, which is sexy in itself to people like us. Overall, a promising start.

HER: On the way home, you and I talked about whether we felt enough of a connection to see them again. As I said the words, I got a little wet. We sent them a text from the car, and they jumped at the invite to dinner and a potential sleep-over in our spare bedroom that weekend. HIM: The day of their visit, I had been feeling very relaxed.

When they arrived, I was struck by how much more glamorous Nadia looked with her hair down.

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You made us a delicious, light meal and we chatted in an unhurried way for a few hours. At a certain point I noticed you had disappeared, so I suggested to Brandon that he go look for you — hoping, of course, that some spontaneous indiscretion might break out between the two of you. Before he left, he said something contrived but mildly charming about me and Nadia having our first kiss. I looked at her and she gave me a wanly encouraging smile as her husband left the room. I leaned forward to kiss her and she responded strangely. Our lips had almost touched when she pulled sharply away.

Then she came in slowly for a full kiss before drawing back again dramatically. She whispered that she had wanted to kiss me since she arrived as her hands explored my torso appreciatively. In spite of it all, I felt myself beginning to get hard as she pressed her lithe body into mine. HER: I had actually run upstairs to light some candles in the bedroom when I sensed that the dinner conversation was wrapping up. As I lit the last one, Brandon appeared and said something about you and Nadia having your first kiss downstairs.

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We started kissing ourselves, and our clothes quickly fell away. I was hesitant to take my lingerie off before you got there, but you were taking a long time and he eventually removed my bra. Finally, as he kissed my pussy through my panties, you and Nadia walked through the door. Better late than never. When we came into the room and saw you and Brandon tangled up on the bed, Nadia got on her knees and started to undo my pants.

When she took my cock into her mouth, it was half erect. Another way of saying that would be that it was half flaccid, which neatly captures the reality that it was trending in the wrong direction.

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Was it the funny kissing thing, or the breath, or the digging nails that had thrown me off? I was having a truly Seinfeldian moment, obsessing over trivialities as a hot, naked woman gave me enthusiastic oral sex. I decided to try not to let it bother me and steered her onto the bed beside you and Brandon.

It looked pretty big from where I was lying, so I assumed everything was going well. HIM: She was frankly doing everything right — she whispered that she loved my cock, she caressed me tenderly, she moaned and groaned, she scratched and bit me, she sat on my face. Like the 3rd Marine Division at Iwo Jima, she steadfastly refused to give up. At a certain point, though, I accepted that victory would not be achieved.

While I had been hard during our soft-swap experiments, apparently the prospect of a full-swap was proving too much for my system to handle. Brandon got it up without too much delay as I went down on him. He fucked Nadia for a while, then turned back to me and was holding me really tightly as we kissed.

It was like a whole body dry-hump. Does that sound lame? It was actually pretty hot. All that intense passion made me desperate to have a cock inside me. He mentioned condoms, and I looked to you to see how you felt.

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HIM: I asked you if you wanted him to fuck you. I wanted you to be happy, of course, but I also thought it might be my last chance to get back in the game. Hearing you say you wanted another man, and watching you fuck him, would normally be a guaranteed turn on for me. You answered yes, breathlessly and with eyes glazed. Brandon fucked you with abandon, which you seemed to enjoy immensely, but it barely registered for me.

The psycho-chemical forces at war with my libido were undaunted by the hot scene playing out in front of me. HER: He entered me from behind, which is my usual orgasm position. But then Nadia crawled on his back as you licked her from behind. It was oddly satisfying, though, and the intensity of the sensations in my clit were multiplied by the pressure. Before long, Brandon came inside me and we all settled into a pleasant conversation.

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The intimacy, the laughter, the closeness…and the brownies. HIM: Oh, the brownies! We had forgotten that you had made them for dinner and now we were enjoying them as a post-coital treat. It certainly seemed like the main part of our get-together was over.

Nadia cuddled closely with me under the covers as we all talked and ate, and it occurred to me that different people want different things from these encounters. Yes, I want to be the rock-hard stud who can satisfy a village full of lusty women, but I was aware of the possibility that this particular woman might have found the closeness we were sharing now the most fulfilling part. Maybe I was giving her exactly what she wanted most from the experience. HER: After a while, real life crept back into my awareness, and I walked back downstairs naked to clean up from dinner.

I hate leaving dishes until the morning. A few minutes later, Brandon came down. We made small talk in the kitchen, and he came in for a hug. He was clearly ready to go again, but I declined.

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I never want to do anything without your knowledge and permission. He was very understanding.

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He went downstairs to our spare bedroom to sleep and I went back upstairs. But what I saw when I entered our room was not what I had expected. HIM: What can I say? A strange transformation had played out while you were gone.