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And am searching Father that size son

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When our older son was born—and let's call him Zach to protect the innocent—he had a skin tag on his foreskin. Skin tags are those small, extra, mutant pieces of skin that suddenly appear on your body one day, unannounced and unwelcomed. They are annoying, but for the most part they are no big deal. We were planning his bris, and I become obsessed with the possibility that the skin tag would somehow complicate the circumcision, or worse, cause the mohel to cut too deeply. There were no physical problems, but there were psychic ones.

Years old 48
Nationality: Swedish
My sexual preference: Male
Eye tone: Lustrous dark eyes
Languages: Russian
I like piercing: None
Body tattoos: None
Smoker: No

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Father and son compare penis size

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Me And my Dad. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 16 posts 1 2 Next. Im 19 and i free ball all the time i liv with my dad and i sleep nude and during the day when i just get up i walk around in boxers, my dad sleeps nude and free balls and we see each other thigns all the time and it doesnt bother us were just 2 couple of guys.

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See who reacted to this post. Big Balled dad.

Do kids with larger penises grow up to be more successful?

I completely agree with your sentiments. There is nothing better and nicer than guys D and sons being together naked at home and freeballing. My son of 15 and I are often naked together and also have masturbated together.

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I love to see him naked and have watched as his penis has developed. We have now decided to try shaving our pubic hairs and it will be great to compare notes. Rob would like to talk with you more drop me an e-mail at kilbasadad yahoo.

Skinny german teen shares father and son

Howdy all, I'm your average dad who has 3 sons ages 18,17,16 were all very open about being naked, and very comfortable seeing each other. We have all seen each other hard, as well as masturbated with each other. This is not incest or anything sick like that, were just 4 men who enjoy each others company and are not inhibited by what others think is socially acceptable.

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I did it with my father and to this day think that my dad is the greatest man alive. I think that only other men who have sons who have had the opportunity to experience this can understand.

Father and son have a few beers

Its truly a wonderful bonding experience that you can only share with your son. I bet most parents wish they had that kind of trust.

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If there are others out there whom also do this I would be interested in talking with you. Please feel free to e-mail me at kilbasadad yahoo. Welcome to Freeballers Forum but as noted in the crawl at the top we have a rule about reviving old thre from the archive. This was instituted in response to complaints about old thre being brought back and disrupting current discussions.

Me and my dad

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