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The pubic mound is a mass of fatty tissue located over the pubic bone that is found in all mammals, including men and women. The female pubic mound forms the front of the vulva, dividing into the labia majora on either side of the pudendal cleft. The pubic mound is naturally covered in coarse pubic hair and scent glands which distribute pheromones, sexual stimulus scents, and sweat. The pubic mound is also known by its Latin name, Mons Pubis, or Mons for short. The female pubic mound is also sometimes known as the Mons Venus, in reference to the Roman goddess of love, sex, fertility, and beauty, or by the Latin term for this, Mons Veneris.

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Generally women have more pronounced pubic mounds than men. The pubic mound also becomes enlarged during puberty, as it is sensitive to the hormone estrogen.

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Puberty is also the time at which pubic hair grows on the pubic mound. Many women enjoy having their pubic mound massaged as it indirectly stimulates the G-spot. Depending on the woman, stimulation of this area may feel pleasant or even bring on orgasm. Partners should start slow, with a gentle fingertip massage, before increasing pressure by using the base of their palm.

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This gradual approach helps build the sexual tension while releasing pelvic tension. The area where the pubic mound connects with the top of the vulva should not be neglected, as it is rich in nerve endings.

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