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I'm searching femme Erotic loves hypnosis

Posted in Chastityfemdom hypnosisHypnosisMP3. Affirmation chastity training at its finest. It is your destiny to be in chastity.

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Posted in femdom hypnosisHypnosisMP3. The only way to get them is to buy the whole series. This is an amazing series full of subliminal suggestions, triggers and top notch femdom hypnosis affirmation training. All nine Triggering Mp3s for the price of eight. So you get triggered AND you get a break. Lucky you.

What is my age I am 47
Ethnic: Bulgarian
Languages: Spanish
Figure features: I'm quite slender
I like: Drawing
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There a various reasons for someone to live in chastity. Of course, there are religious reasons which proclaim sexuality as a sin, but we do not share this opinion. However, living in chastity for someone can also be a very strong sexual-kink. In our erotic hypnosis repertoire we have many chastity-hypnosis files that will help you to live this kink in multiple different ways. From " hypnotic chastity belts " to chastity tease and denial " fantasies, we provide a large rage of erotic hypnosis-MP3 that will help you to live chaste.

But be careful and try to start with a hypnosis-session that will only put you in chastity for a short period of time. Some of our hypnosis-MP3 will give you the suggestion of complete chastity that is not reversible.

You should be erotic of the consequences this can and will bring for your sexual-future. Living in chastity for someone a partner or a dominant is a way of life that hypnosis change you. So try it for a short time before you give up your sexuality completely. Try before you buy! and view all our free erotic hypnosis downlo. You will receive the file within 24 hours of your subscription via. Your information will not be given to third parties or used for spam!

We will only use it in oder to inform you about new releases and exclusive offers! On this you will find all of our chastity-hypnosis MP Erotic Hypnosis for every sensual desire:. Rated 5.

Become the perfect beta boy and learn to love to serve your betters. However, you will never serve your mistress in bed! Because beta boys do not have sex! After these hypnoses, whenever you see or even think about a pussy, your cock will go completely limp, while cock will do exactly the opposite and let you get rock hard! And there is nothing you can do about it. Longing for release?

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This recording is the only means of unlocking you from Lady Surrender's hypnotic chastity entrapment hypnosis. After this seductive entrapment session, your cock and your orgasm will be controlled by a powerful Goddess and you will end up locked in hypnotic chastity! Whenever you see, smell or even think about a pussy, after this erotic hypnosis, your cock will go completely limp.

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You have been warned! Enjoy a sexy shopping trip with your Mistress.

Locked up in a chastity belt you will try on hot and slutty feminine clothes Then it's time to show your appreciation to the shop manager You will be desperately aching to become filled with cock! You failed Lady Surrender's Edging Instructions? Her whispers are too sexy, too hot Time to pay your failure tax! In this erotic hypnosis loop, Lady Surrender will enchant you and take total control of your cock.

Listen to her soft, seductive whispers and stroke for your Goddess!

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Feel how She takes control of your mind, from the moment She whispers your name Taunted by your Mistress Everybody knows, that sissy sluts like you don't get to cum - Lock up that clitty now! This session will turn you into the perfect femme! Mascara, eye-liner, foundation, lipstick After this erotic feminization, you will be addicted to wearing Make-Up and programmed to become aroused when you wear it Become programmed to feel the overwhelming desire to serve a Mistress.

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She will dominate you and have total control over you and your sissy pussy. Your only wish will be to serve and follow her obediently. Listen to Lady Surrender's sensual whispers, as she teases and taunts your throbbing cock in so many different ways In the end, your mind and body will ache with a desperate need for release. You awaken with her hand covering your mouth Smell her intoxicating and brainwashing perfume and become knocked out.

As you come to, you are in her dungeon Tied to her rack. You better get ready to feel her riding crop! Orgasm on Her command! Feel how Lady Surrender's erotic whispers weave around your cock, as she seduces and instructs you to masturbate.

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You will edge until she finally commands your cock to orgasm! In this erotic session, you will get teased Afterward, even the slightest touch will incredibly turn you on.

But the more you try to have an orgasm, the less you will be able to have one. Feel how all your senses will grow numb as soon as you're about to climax! Enjoy the third part of Mistress Amethyst's cuckold series and let her drop you into a deep hypnotic trance. In the first session, you got to watch Mistress Amethyst having sex, cleaned her up afterward and loved everything about it!

Hypnotic chastity belts

Watch her again and listen to her hot and sensual moans This time, you will participate! This part of "Slutty Maid" will be your total conversion into a completely submissive and obedient little maid. You'll be completely feminized inside and out. All your masculinity will be erased - Only one thought will be left: Being filled with cock! Let your humiliation porn fantasy come true!

Chastity hypnosis - your new sexual kink!

The second part of "Slutty Maid" will take you to Dark Freya's party, where you will serve as slutty and chaste maid. But beware, her guests will use you in any way they please! You have a little fetish for busty nurses? When you hear the sounds of this horny medic's moaning, you just might combust.

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Worship her perky round breasts and let her use you for her own sexual pleasure! Let your erotic nurse fantasy come true! Feel how it increases more and more with each countdown. Experience what it's like to be teased and denied by Mistress Amethyst.

Ten day chastity

Be completely under Her control! In this recording, you will have to follow her commands and obey. Believe me, in the end, you will crave more and more of this wonderful whispered torture. Be the star of her personal maid porn! Dark Freya will turn you into her perfect slutty little maid Completely subservient, ready to obey and to serve your betters in any way you can. This erotic hypnosis will make your wish come true!

Mind cage 2 - teasing and chastity brainwashing hypnosis

Rated 4. Swallow or no orgasm for the next 3 days!

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And to make the decision easier for you, she will give you a strong desire to eat your own cum.