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This cyoa was made by Akumakami64whom I really thanks for his wonderfull job. The original work can be found on Reddit. Slave of a Goddess by Akumakami

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So as an alternative I removed the silver weakness and made it cost an extra point to buy. Now for the Power Combo Picker addition. I must apologize, I was going to post a build today but I wasted time fooling around, I'll plan my build tomorrow fully. Check it out! Her dress includes the habit, gloves, boots, and socks of a nun, but with nothing else, she is essentially naked. Her beauty transcends logic and with her status as a Sanctum Gladium, everyone accepts her style of dress.

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Please make your way to the most recent monthly community thread which can be found below. Most of your questions can be answered there and it gives you an opportunity to interact with the community. Click This For Rules. The sender, someone by the mysterious name RDS, offers you an escape from reality, and a location. Inspired by a variety of CYOA, from the long and famous Divine Trials, to the short one-choice, from the alien, to the magical, even the obscure. Manage your Hype and optimize to become the awesomest adventurer you can be!

Give them a month of reddit gold.

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Patch Notes NO. RNGesus cost increased by 1. Waifu is now cheaper and can be purchased multiple times.

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Added 3 Boons. On mobile now but when I get on desktop, will be making a build right away. Genderswap -2 If I'm reading this right it allows me to change back and forth at will whenever I want right? All attributes cost 1 less. From my understanding, Snoozin' should apply after Ready for Anything, otherwise it would be a broken free 9 points to max both. But just one level of each beyond the free one still gives 2 points with practically no sleep requirement change, so I do that.

Slave of a goddess

Immortality: Undying Will I like savescumming, and it's nice to know I can just suicide to reload. I ended up with most of my starting hype left and not much I'd want to spend it on. I can't tell if I fucked up somewhere or if I'm just, like, -extremely- unusual. Also assuming that you can safely go to -6 as long as you're okay with being forced to wait. Also assuming that the credit card you get by going below 0 doesn't come with after you warp. Also, if a card has money on it, it's a debit card, not credit.

Semantics but still felt like I should share. Have to wait 6 weeks to be able to go, which is fine.

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The k I get in the meantime will suffice for basically whatever I want. I'll figure that out as I go along. I'll edit in the sex I go to and my plans while there later, when I have cyoa fleshed out. I know what general direction I'm going but have to finalize it. Surplus Hype - I have 2 extra, will probably get a knowledge or intelligence power for one and a slave or biokinesis one for the divine. Honestly I will leave this as a WIP at point, spent a whole day and a half working on it and I'm really tired and wanna close them tabs There is literally no reason to take steal 3 unless you're in THAT MUCH debt and you aren't willing to take drawbacks or remove other stuff to fix it, because it's a more expensive version of what you get with Surplus Hype.

So, Steal 3 is thoroughly broken. Really broken, depending on interpretations, the only shame is that it rules out most Waifu options. So save up a few Hype for the Pick Any Option at the end - less broken, because you skip the 3-for-2 discount, but potent nonetheless. For this build I'm not going to visit Overpowered Powers for the Instant Win button it's not omnipotence, but it might as well be ; nor am I going to simply drop 20 Hype on 30 Essences Vials see Essence Meta for details and call it a day, though I would gladly do both were this real.

Instead, I am going to break this the hard way Immortality Method : Elixir of the Gods - I am not familiar with the source, but it certainly sounds good to me.

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KISS, and it might have a good synergy with something coming up later Skip it. I'm planning something evil, plus it's already upgraded with the elixir.

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Do I have to take one of these three? Can't I just appear and leave it at that? It depends how much I need, I suppose Final Descision, Alternative Start - It makes the start more interesting, but most of my powers are internal anyway so it's not that big of a risk. Strong in General 1 Stronger magic means stronger flesh, and vice versa - not perfect, but it keeps me relevant.

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Choosey : intended for cheesing drawbacks, this enables me to pick and choose what affects me Taking the benefits and not the cost, essentially. Favourable Adjudication, Rank 3 : Getting this first, before anything else, to ensure that I get the version I want. The third rank means that I can even take versions of stuff specifically disallowed by the source! Plot Guarantee, Rank 3 : I will achieve any and every possible goal I set myself, no matter how improbable!

Planar Portal : This one is fairly large for planeswalking, should be able to take plenty of stuff with me. Manneris : Another diverse power, this one has the downside of not lingering Pairs well with Wonder.

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Luck Undying : Impossibly good luck, and I can reincarnate when I die. Good thing I can Soulbind my stuff. Media Magic : "You can cast Magic, and learn new spells from any media" - Word of God here is that this applies to magic in general, not just spells. Martial Mastery: "You have complete mastery of any weapon and martial art, being able to summon weapons of any kind" could prove very useful.

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I can get away with anything. You Have Understanding : Superior to translators, because too much is lost in translation. Time Turner : It doesn't go far, and won't actually change time, but creating a stable time loop can make a big difference at the right time.

Quite satisfactory, I think. Now lets go to Star Wars, end of the Clone Wars I want to see if I can better Harry for conquering the galaxy. I could easily have made a more potent build - but I don't think it was needed! Turns out that somebody actually had remembered that PSA about texting and driving, so Eden never did that relativistic-velocity facefault.

The bad news? Instead the world is straining under all the damage that parahumans with shard-conflict urges and no checks or balances except each other can inflict. Which means Immortality Option : Wild Card!

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My mind travels back in time to the start. Any magical abilities you have can be used at will, with no wait times or complex rituals. It will make it cyoa even in those circumstances, however. Good thing you have this. There is no hardship, no degree of opposition and no slave of pain or suffering that can daunt your intentions, once you make up your mind about something. You can do this all day and you never quit save by your own conscious choice. While still being mentally flexible enough to not be a stubborn asshole, of course. Never will you be enthralled. No dark artifact or villain will ever corrupt you, and no Hyperdimensional Computer will ever successfully hijack your brain-meats.

The Endless are a group of powerful beings, each embodying a fundamental concept of some kind. The Endless are far older and more powerful than mere gods and rule absolutely over sex domains. You have somehow caught the attention of one of these beings and have been granted a boon related to their sphere of power. Blessing of Destruction : Destruction is a strange being. Having long since grown tired of his duty as the embodiment of destruction and abandoned it to instead pursue very flawed, due to his nature as the opposite attempts at creation instead.

With his favor, you gain insight into the structure of all things, and more to the point, the weakest points in the structures. Whenever you wish to destroy something, be it a simple physical object, a vast conspiracy, or something more abstract, you will always know where it is most vulnerable.

Any power or ability that you acquire, no matter divine or how you acquired it, you also receive the necessary secondary superpowers to make it function properly.