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As we approach the final major patch of the 3. Most of that disappeared with the raid tier beginning in Patch 2. All other activities only provide sub-par gear and weapon rewards that are outstripped by Tomestone gear in all ways.

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First I would like to clear something about Dino Island. Farming in dino island is a bad idea, yes the Rank V Easterly Sanuwa and Rank IV T-Rex are tempting to kill but keep in mind that the Sanuwas have a push back ability resulting in DPS doing less damage which causes them to die at a much slower rate so much slow.

Ffxiv: everything you need to know about the diadem(hard)

Killing another Rank IV or V is much faster. Additionally, the area is cramped which means if a Star rank pop and lets say Brachi it would be difficult not to avoid getting aggro from other mobs which may result in a wipe or getting killed.

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Resulting in no credit. With that said, lets begin the guide.

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Fresh tracks is the "NM Pop method". After successfully killing a mob, you start to gain points indicated by " Party Messages ". Other parties will not get the same message as yours.

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Nearby means you are 2 messages away from getting tracks. Immediate vicinity means you are 1 message away from getting tracks. On top of you means that the fresh tracks appeared on top of a party member so beware if 1 member is on a starting area or on another island, it might pop on him.

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Now I do not know the exact amount of Kills you need to advance through each stage but keep in mind that " Lower Rank mobs will give you less points towards your next stage if killed with multiple parties. Rank 4 and Lower?.

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The message means that an NM has spawned in the zone. It could spawn anywhere Including caves. It is a treat from SE, when you find it make sure to shout out the location and order other people to stop pulling more mobs.

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Finding a buried chest and popping it will give you more points toward the fresh tracks for messages. Surprisingly, these chests can give a ton of points. When you get 10 of them, you get the message " You feel a foul presence in the immediate vicinity ".

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Getting 10 equals a free star mob which means a free gold chest. The only problem with these buried chests is that they act the same way as the Crystals found in the zone, anyone can see them, and anyone can pop them BUT, they do have a timer. Also, it appears that some of the buried chests are golden ones In HMso there is more than enough reason to search for them.

Now before I begin I believe that separating into 3 groups on each island isn't good.

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The reason is that if everyone is separated you risk someone else having tracks on another island and popping it before you can reach it due to killing normal mobs while they popped their NM. The other thing is that you will be killing mobs slowly, resulting in less chance of spawning a gold from a normal mob, as well only having 1 set of track for each party because the mobs take a long time to kill. Square Enix has stated that killing lower rank mobs reduces the points you get for spawning tracks, they didn't say it eliminates them.

Therefore the methods below mostly consist of a zerg fest of parties although it can work for 3 party formations.

Heavensward retrospective: exploratory missions (the diadem)

This is an effective method for farming Gold chests and Tracks. The benefit of this method is that the mobs are all Rank IV and Above which means you will be getting a shot at both getting tracks, getting a Gold off a Normal Mob, and getting more silver chests Silver contains gears. The only downside is that the mobs are rather annoying. With Parties you can get about 8 NMs to spawn with this method. It requires a lot of groups at at least 7 or 8 parties. The method is good for parties that want to pop tracks and get many Silver and Bronze chests.

What makes this method shine is that the upper Island has a high chance of spawning "Territorial Mobs", which spawn from the chests.

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The upper island consist of 3 Rank V two Pteranodon and 1 Tree. It's still considered a good Island. Sadly I didn't record how many NMs, we have spawned doing this method, but each party can spawn depending those Territorial mobs.

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Pretty much like Dino Island, not so bad of an island until someone decides 2 Celphies and 1 Isle keeper make things go faster and better. Only pull 1 Celphie at a time, don't have more than one unless your group can handle 2. Having Isle keepers are good as long as the tank actually tank them. Don't have much to say about this method other than that it works. Healers should cleanse the vulnerability up debuff. Pretty much like above.

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Not going to add more to that hard beware of the pelicans ' debuffs. They get a lot of bronze and silvers doing this method. What peaked my interest is that if each party can diadem 1 NM, it means that a full group in diadem 9 Parties can theoretically spawn 9 NMs. They get a chance to have a piece to drop off a silver chest, as well as a chance for a gold to spawn of a rank IV.

There are two special weathers in the diadem Hyperelectricity and Umbral Wind. The first spawns Rafflasia clone monsters in each spawning area T6 Boss it has a chance to drop a Proto Ultima Exoplating which can be traded for Ultima Horn not much to say about the second weather other than that Easterly Sanuwas will spawn on each starting Island, their special drop is still mode during this weather.

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