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Fanfic spiderman Deadpool who loves filipina

In addition to the masterlist, we also have a wonderful collection on AO3 of all the fics for this year. Please check it out when you can!

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Seven days, two people, one purpose, and three years of doing it absolutely wrong according to the social rules of pursuing romance. The pacing is consistent and easy, the wording is smooth, and every time I read it my stomach fills with butterflies.

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I lost my virginity when I was three. You never told me! I-I just told you because we were sharing secrets and— AH! You dickhead! Of all the secrets he could have shared, why did he have to pick this one?

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Peter was going to make sure they never played this game again…. Child safety locks. Stark had absolutely zero faith in what Peter Parker could do, and the web slinger was getting sick of it. He called Ned over to his place on a weekend to ask him to hack into his suit and reprogram the thing yet again.

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So long training wheels. From that point, he started to fiddle with his web shooters. He wanted to see if they held any separate tricks inside like the suit as a whole. But as soon as he dislodged one wire, all hell broke loose.

Oh no no no! Soon enough, the fluid ran out and all that was left was a prone Peter Parker, stuck to his own floor due to massive amounts of web fluid. The top one. Ned stepped over Peter to get to the knife, but he paused to look down at his friend.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It was honestly pretty funny. He pulled out his phone. What if May comes in here? Ned just thought he was causing Peter discomfort until the teen actually let out a surprised giggle.

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A wide smirk grew on his face. Ned was gleefully destroying Peter, getting to all of his weak spots without protest. Not listening.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

What else was new? Ned did wait a second. More like five minutes. Peter was so shocked by that sudden touch that he jumped up into the fanfic, clinging onto the ceiling of his bedroom. Peter frowned and he looked up at his ceiling, trying to figure out a way out of this. He suddenly felt a scraping against his side and his arm jerked to push that feeling away, simultaneously losing his grip in the act. Ned threw Deadpool the long yardstick he used to poke Peter with and he grappled with his friend on the floor after Peter fell with a thud.

Peter was going nuts already. Least of all the same friend who knew he was Spider-Man, too. Over and over again. He prayed word of this never got out to Mr. Stark or Happy or really anyone he knew. Spider-Man might be done for. I took the spiderman of kind of ing this prompt with this one.

Bug spay not welcome — spideypool fic rec #1

I tried my best to get a balanced feel of both of these prompts to make one cohesive story. Hope you like it, sweeties! Another lab report due by the end of the week. Jesus, this was the third week in a row his teacher did that to the class.

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And that means a whole lot of staying up late typing the damn thing. Oh right, Spider-Man. He wanted to be Spider-Man full-time! It was up to Tony Stark. Speaking of the man, Tony had been paying Peter more visits. Whether it was to scold him or congratulate him on something, Tony was acting more and more like some father figure to the .

Crawling into the unknown

Tony had become semi-obsessed with teaching Peter everything he knew. How to be the most spidery Spider-Man ever. Stark think of him then? Hell no.

Wow, he was so screwed. A weekend arrived. Some relaxation at last, right?

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You free today? Oh um, yeah I think so, Mr. See you soon. Peter sighed after he hung up and flopped down onto his bed, shutting his eyes. He needed sleep. If not sleep, he needed at least an hour with no worries and no responsibilities.

But within half an hour, Peter was showered and dressed and Happy was downstairs ready to pick him up. He was too tired to even annoy Happy today. Keep reading. Stark, hi! Peter took a second, knowing exactly what Tony was asking about. He looked at the floor and then folded his legs on his bed, his hands, Tony noticed, were shaking.

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I mean, how are you? But Peter, you have to do better. And I suffer from…. The ones we face every day within ourselves. He took a slow breath and laid down on his bed, staring up at the ceiling. Peter just looked at the Iron Man, not following quite where he was going with this. But when he felt a curious poke to his side, he jerked. Nor do anything to stop it. He was laughing. Do you need anything else? Adjustments for the suit?

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For everything. Get home safe. You draw stuff??? Do you take requests, then???

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Do you wanna do stuff with me? We could do that. Yondu paused his polishing and he had to grin, huffing out a short laugh. Just something? Are you asking me to play with you, Quill? The Terran yelped and struggled at first, not knowing what Yondu was doing. And the Ravager leader made sure to check the surroundings before showing his playful side with Peter.

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