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Large feylawful evil.

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Submit Cancel. Long ago, ancient and forgotten pagan Gods controlled the fate of many souls. When such a fated soul was destined to shed its fleshly body, a rider set out from the Unseelie court to claim it in the name of its masters.

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The Dullahan is a headless horseman, wandering the world in search of the dead and dying. They fancy themselves as controllers of population, and the eradicators of pestilence. A Dullahan uses it's death watch ability to discern those near it who are near death or dying.

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Then, they seek out those people and terminate them. Some more righteous Dullahan take it upon themselves to massacre those afflicted by plagues, in order to stop the spread of the disease.

It is said that if a Dullahan calls your name, you are sure to die. Dullahans initiate combat swiftly and without mercy. Nearly as soon as a target has been labeled a threat it is destroyed.

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If a Dullahan has called the name of an individual, it will fight until one of them is dead. No ifs ands or buts. They attack from their mounts with deadly accuracy, laying into their opponents with gruesome whips fashioned from the spines of Humans.

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Dullahans rarely issue their mounts a command to attack. Death Call: When a Dullahan decides that an individual is to die, they call the name of that individual. This bonus lasts until the creature is slain.

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The Dullahan can then not use this ability for 1d4 days. Deathwatch: As the spell, death watch, a Dullahan is treated as if perpetually under the influence of the Deathwatch spell.

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They can turn this ability on or off as a free action. Dullahan 3.

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Jump to:search. From the Golden Sun game.

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