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Inferno ball hunting for lucifer especially for strangets

Chloe has flashbacks of all the clues and instances where Lucifer was actually showing s of being the literal Devil. Father Kinley startles Chloe and introduces himself to her.

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This walkthrough will take the player through the underworld and the story of Dante's Inferno.

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Ella "27 seasons in 2 weeks" Lopez really is the audience stand-in.

‘lucifer’ season four, episode two recap: “somebody’s been reading dante’s inferno”

She cute, she smart, she nerdy, she packin that booty. Also, Ella on molly and coke was the funniest shit ever. I think you cracked it.

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How better to root Amenadiel to Earth than ? Also kinda force him and Linda together, for the best imo. The montage of Amenadiel getting messed up will push him to leave and the child will force him to stay.

[s04e02 - episode discussion] - 'somebody's been reading dante's inferno'

He'll have to choose. And he'll choose to stay ofc.

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EDIT: Huh. Seems it's revealed in this episode. I thought they'd wait longer.

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I like when Chloe tries to use logic on the priest: "Have you ever met him? Well, after being betrayed horribly by Cain was a bit of a knob goblin, and finding out about the Devil thing being ultra confirmed real, she is understandably in a very shaken, traumatised and emotionally vulnerable state. It's possible she is questioning her own sanity, and as we had the earlier scene of the priest comforting her in the cathedral, it looks like she never got to properly talk about what she was going through before he began manipulating her.

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Jesus Amenadiel you can't just be yeeting soccer balls into outer space like that. If thats not enough proof of how he cares and the devotion he shows her That axe scene was incredible!

Aimee garcia: ella lopez

Found the internet! Season 4. Posted by. Click to see spoiler.

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Sort by: best. Reply Share. Yo linda's pregnant.

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Continue this thread. Bing Bing Bing! So I thought it was gonna be cancer. Amenadiel's child?

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Whew, I was expecting a tumor when she picked up the phone. Amenadiel and the Soccer ball! Agreed, his clothes should have been more burned.

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