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It was a summer afternoon and she was staying over at her father's house for the summer. Her parents were divorced and she loved staying with her father. He was so loving towards her, that sometimes it was suspecious. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight blouse, while laying in her bed, watching television. She heard a knock, then smiled. He forced her legs appart and rubbed his hardness against her small, wet hole.

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She walked to the bathroom door, the shower already running, she had heard her mother leave for work an hour ago. Her dad worked from home, today was her day off.

She had been out the night before with her boyfriend and friends. She turned 18 a week ago.

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She was 5ft 8. Her shoulder length red auburn hair in a pony tail.

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Her black short sleeved short satin robe covering her 34c 30 32 body. She walked through the door the shower running, her dad had been in for only a minute. She saw his naked body through the glass.

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He saw her come in and opened the door. She saw his naked body.

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Gary was 58 He was 6ft 1. Short greying hair His chest and groin covered in hair. His circumcised thick cock half erect.

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Gary admiring his daughters naked body, her shaped 34C breasts. Her shaved pussy. She stepped into the shower kissing his cheek. He stood under the fixed shower head she picked up the hand held one wetting her body. She opened her legs as he washed her. She grabbed his cock playing with it, her head against his chest his cock at her belly button height.

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It was now hard. She reached behind her back taking out the hair tie her short shoulder length hair falling out. He washed down to her arse admiring her arse cheeks his hand sliding down to the inside of her thighs from behind his hand rubbing over her pussy. He knelt down opening her legs lifting her arse cheeks looking at her pussy rubbing her labias opening them up. He washed her pussy and arse with body wash.

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He leant in kissing her arse cheeks and the back of her thighs. He turned her around still on his knees admiring her pussy from the front rubbing it listening to her groan. Hr leant in licking her clit as he rubbed over her Vagina. He got on his knees washing her sides and hips, up to her breasts running his hands over her breasts. He reached for them with his mouth putting her nipple in his mouth sucking it as he rubbed her clit.

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She groaned as as held his head. He swapped breasts rubbing her clit and pussy lips.

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This content appeared first on new sex story. She got down onto her knees grabbing his cock. She licked up his shaft looking up at his as she slid her mouth over his cock.

Dating my daughter – part 31 (dad takes daughter’s virginity)

He watched as his daughters lips sucked his cock as she sucked it. She had given him many blowjobs. He enjoyed watching her. He looked at the ceiling as she sucked him off.

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She stroked it as she sucked, playing with his balls. He groaned as he felt himself build up. She took her mouth off stroking him. She knew when he was about to cum. This time for the first time she put her mouth over his knob as he cum.

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He filled her mouth with semen. She licked his cock clean and stood up washing her mouth.

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They hugged, he loved feeling her breasts on his body. They kissed lips and hugged. He stroked her back. This is nice. She looked up at him her hand on his chest. Hi I'm jess I love writing erotica and about sex. I love sex. I am single and never really wanted to settle down in a relationship.

I have experienced incest, taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers.

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Its fun ing in as mother father and daughter. It is very very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction.

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A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce my true stories at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them. Happy reading. Love feedback, story ideas etc. me [ protected] Thanks love to hear from you all.

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