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Cum chica sis up friend for dating

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It was simply for having inestuous sex with my sisters. It was ten years ago. Being the only male child made me special and led to being spoiled constantly. This one particular summer I was fifteen. My parents and my three oldest sisters worked during the day so that left myself and two of my sisters at home each day. Ann was seventeen and Lynn sixteen.

Years 27
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Here. Home Escorts Helping Out Sis. Continuing her motion, the girl spread her legs, and lay on her back, giving the boy a complete view of her open little cunt, now starting to drool cream at the thought of turning on her little brother.

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Ever since the little girl had started having periods, she had been dreaming about putting on a show for Cum man, and possibly even getting fucked. Her mother had explained to both the children when they were young, about how babies were made, so Judy knew what happened. It was scary, thinking of having a baby, even though it was also exciting. So Judy mainly dreamed, not daring to actually try anything. Now, knowing her little brother was sneaking peeks at her naked body, turned the little girl on.

She had never thought of her Cum brother before as a possible sexual partner or boyfriend, but the kid shared her good-looks, was bright and friendly, and in general, was all that a girl could ask for. Judy decided to try and "make-out" with her brother. They couldn't actually fuck, as she didn't want to get pregnant, but there were lots of things two horny kids could do without actually fucking. Judy thought it over, all the time carefully turning her body to give her little brother fresher and even more tantalizing glimpses of different parts of her developing young sis.

How could she get the little boy into her room, with both of them naked, without seeming like a slut? He was obviously interested, and from the shiny head of the oversized-for-a year-old cock that was peeking out of the top of the little boy's shorts, well equipped for the job.

A slight ache in her neck, as she tried to keep the boy in view, in the mirror, gave Judy the Idea she had been searching for. Oh that Hurts! Mike had been enjoying the show, when he saw his older sister seemingly strain her back, and collapse onto the bed. Worry about his sister being hurt, overcame his fear of being caught peeping.

It's killing me. I think I got a cramp. Judy shut the thought off with a snap. It'll relax in a minute," she explained. Tentatively, Mike approached his beautifully naked big story. He was so excited, at the thought sis actually touching the little girl's naked skin, he didn't notice the girl's movements that belied her "cramp.

Dutifully, Mike started massaging "farther down," until he was story the middle of the girl's back. Mike was already rubbing as hard as he could, the little girl kept being pushed away, when he tried to do it harder. He explained this to his sister. I don't mind.

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Why don't you take your shorts off too, if that's what's bothering you? Big deal! Just don't try to stick it in me. Mike couldn't believe his luck. His big sister didn't mind. Now he could get on top of her, and feel his big sister's body all over, under the pretense of giving her a back-rub. It was almost too good to be true.

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Hurriedly slipping out of his shorts, Mike climbed on top of his sister, and started to rub her back. Judy was pleasantly surprised. The little boy was good! He pressed into the small of her back with his fingers, and began giving her a massage that threatened to put the little girl to sleep. After working a while on her back, the boy began running his hands up and down the girl's sides, and then he began rubbing her shoulders like an expert masseuse.

Judy didn't know it, but she had picked the perfect thing. Mike had been learning to give his mother massages, under the direction of his father, because the man was unable to treat his wife to the long hard massages that she so loved, so he had started enlisting the aid of their son.

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Mike's arms had been growing stronger, over the past few months, and he was getting to be very good at it. Presently, Mike had somewhat of a "big" problem. His cock was banging against his big sister's cute little butt, and leaking clear slippery fluid down into the crack of the little girl's ass. Judy enjoyed the feel of her brother's cock sliding against her rounded little ass.

My cock is getting in the way," said Mike. Just for a minute. Just don't get any of your cum in me," agreed Judy. Mike continued rubbing her back, while he started sliding his big cock down between the girl's legs. The boy kept on sliding his cock past the clenched lips of his big sister's vagina.

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Each time the tip of the boy's cock slipped by the entrance to his sister's vagina, he would push the head in a little, and let a bubble of slippery liquid lubricate the girl's little hole. Judy felt her brother pressing the head of his prick into her now slippery hole. Still, Judy began working her hips in time with the sliding of her little brother's cock.

She enjoyed the slip-sliding feel of her brother's penis rubbing against her pussy lips. After waiting a bit, Mike once again pushed the head of his cock against the opening to his big sister's vagina.

A little too curious

This time, Judy didn't stop him, as Mike let several big spurts of pre-cum lubricate his big sister's hole. The next time that Mike felt the tip of his cock reach his sister's hole, he pushed in a little harder. There was a popping sensation, and the little boy felt a ring of muscles slip over the head of his prick. You slipped your cock inside me, didn't you. Mike continued to rub his sister's back. Only now, he was sliding the tip of his cock in and out of the lips of his big sister's hole, enjoying the sensations, each time the muscles of the girl's vagina snapped around the head of his prick.

Judy knew what her brother was doing, but was enjoying herself too much to object. After a short while, Judy started to push back at her little brother. More and more of the little boy's cock slid into his big sister's belly, until the head of the boy's prick rested against his big sister's unbroken hymen. Mike pushed his cock in and out of his big sister, until he knew he was close to cumming.

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Just hold on. If you pull off, I might cum inside you before you get all the way off. Just hold still. Don't move! Shortly, the boy felt a slight releasing sensation in his cock. He didn't know if what he released inside his sister was cum, or just more lubricating fluid, but his prick was still hard, and the boy no longer felt like he was going to ejaculate sticky white baby-juice all over the inside of his big sister's tight little belly.

OK," he said. Back and forth. Mike was really fucking his sister now.

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After a while, it got to be too much for Judy. If we are going to fuck, let's do it right.

Just let it happen

Mike pushed, and his cock slid all the way up inside his sister's belly with a rush. There was a snapping sensation, and Judy felt her hymen break. Then the little girl started to climax, knowing that she had her own handsome little brother's big baby-making cock stuck all the way up inside her tight little belly, where it belonged. You wanted to fuck me.

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Well fuck me! I don't want to get pregnant.