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If you are being stalked by a mountain lion the situation should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Mountain lions, also referred to as cougars and pumas, are efficient predators that can be a real threat to your life if you meet face to face.

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Anyone who spends time in the great outdoors usually understands the inherent risks associated with the pastime.

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Common wisdom states that if you see a mountain lion chances are it has already seen you and probably for some time. Mountain lions — also known as cougars, pumas or panthers — are some of the most frightening animals you can encounter in the North American woods as the below videos certainly demonstrate. Cougars stalk their prey and can weigh more than pounds.

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They also have the same cunning and agility as the common house cat, a combination which is downright terrifying. Experts say the best way to avoid a mountain lion attack is to make noise to scare the lion off and try to appear larger than you are.

1. the initial stalk

The same advice typically applies to bear encounters as well. The following videos posted to Youtube in recent years provide a blood curdling look at some close encounters. For starters, check out this clip shot by Trevor Rasmussen who was hiking in Glacier National Park last year when a big cat approached on the trail about 50 feet away.

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The mountain lion crouched down as if it was about to make a strike and then sauntered off the trail toward the brush. Stone noticed the cats in the bushes as he passed by and then quickly realized he was in the danger zone when he heard a rustle behind him. Without hesitation Stone fired a wall of pepper spray at the cat, which deterred a potential attack.

2. an attack can come from any angle

A mountain lion expert at the University of Alberta, Mark Boyce, told the station run-ins with cougars are extremely rare. I went from being ecstatic for seeing them to being really scared. By far the most terrifying clip we found shows a mountain biker in Fernie, British Columbia who comes face to face with a mountain lion along the trail.

At first the lion is crouched down the grass, stealth-like and ready to pounce. The rider gets off his bike and backs away.

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He stays real quiet, just like a prey animal and turns to run away. Not a smart move at all.

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When the man turns back around, the mountain lion is right in front of him!! Again, this guy does the absolute wrong thing.

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Instead of screaming and waving his arms, he calmly talks to it. At this point, the creator of the video apparently added the sound of a cat growling.

A large mountain lion stalking his prey

This guy had already demonstrated considerable lack of wisdom. The shaky camera shows just how scared this guy truly was during the encounter. The cougars are apparently so hungry they are willing to approach the truck where the observers remain protected. These elk hunters managed to draw in a cougar by doing elk calls in the woods.

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Act like prey, draw in predators. This encounter by San Stukel in the South Dakota woods resulted in some extraordinary footage you have to see to believe.

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Critter CornerHikingMoreMountain lions. Stone said he had always wanted to see them but this was a little more than he bargained for.

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