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I'm queen somebody who corruption hush

Heliaor Helis a female salamander who can be encountered in the plains.

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Online: Yesterday


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Age 20
Nationality: I'm nigerian
Caters to: I'm hetero
I have piercing: None

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The harpy queen.

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Raw Blame. Achievement ; import classes. She must be so grateful!

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No longer shall corruption be a problem. Your powers would have surpassed Marae's by now.

That's a whole year. That's 10 long years!

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You can stop playing now A full century! It's time to stop playing.

Go outside. A full millennium!

lovely babe Oakleigh

You lived FAR beyond your lifespan! I see you've got a taste for fashion! What are you going to spend these gems on?

lonely floozy Mina

Wow, that must be quite impressive if you can defeat the final boss at only level one! Proud of your virgin run, eh? Frisk would be so proud of you! You really know how to make each hour count!

No pesky imps shall get into your camp now! Wait, what? If you can defeat her then you can defeat any form of challenges thrown at you! Way to be a badass!

To use trello, please enable

Thanks to your help, the dragons will rise again! Don't you think they'll miss having their own cocks? No, bassy.

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Bad bassy! Baaad Mr. That should ought to teach him a lesson!

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Tower of the phoenix

Achievement. AchievementDb. Nieve optional ". Libido, Sensitivity, and Corruption optional ". Threshold of 20 and 80 corruption " .