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I'd corruption champion cum witch who loves cheerleaders

In this file, the Cum Witch - a powerful mage with an artifically created and eternally aroused penis for impregnating other members of her magical cult - has brought you around for a magic lesson. Unfortunately, you've fallen asleep and are awakened after class.

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Just ahead, in one of the larger dunes, is a square stone doorway, built into the side of a large, sparkling mountain of sand. As you approach, you notice a smooth obsidian orb embedded into the side of it. You hesitantly touch the dark sphere, admiring its smooth, glossy finish.

Age 35
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My sex: Woman
I speak: English, Polish
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NotFromOz Wed, Jul 10 '13, It starts out with some standard character building, then tosses you right into the demon realm.

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Sex of many varieties ensues from there, but the most MC-relevant I've found yet outside of the many drug-induced orgies one can discover is the Office of the Cum Witch in the Sand Witches' desert cave. If you lose to the Cum Witch, you get the most deliciously MC-laden Game Over screen, with your Champion reduced to a brainwashed servant of the Sand Witches for all eternity.

I'm considering drawing scenes from this game, and I thought it was well worth a mention to the hypno. Vanndril Wed, Jul 10 '13, I messed around with it once, ages ago.

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Admittedly, it was not my thing. Alien Wed, Jul 10 '13, I tried playing it once like a year ago, then a few months ago when I found out about the prisoner mod thingamajig.

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Wasn't particularly fond of it either time. I don't really like the writing in the main game, and the vast array of transformations is kinda baffling. Like, who is even the target audience? People who get off on any kind of transformation at all? That's all I can think of for a game that lets you make a triple-cocked uddered pink-haired cow-creature so easily.

Lunakiri Wed, Jul 10 '13, Went to check it out Aiikawa Wed, Jul 10 '13, Your link don't work '-'. NotFromOz Thu, Jul 11 '13, Vanndril and Alien, Yeah, I see where you're coming from, but I find the trial-and-error that much more interesting and fun, even if certain transformations aren't my cuppa joe.

That's why I always keep a backup save before I try anything I haven't had experience with. I have yet to find someone for whom it's worked, as of July 11, even though it was working fine for me until my computer updated itself July Hopefully, it's just down for a site update; I haven't been playing long enough to know whether that's a regular occurrence or not.

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NotFromOz Sun, Jul 14 '13, Fenoxo's blog is up and running again. Go ahead and try the game now, Lunakiri, Aiikawa.

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Vanndril Mon, Jul 15 '13, I dunno. I'm still getting errors. Lunakiri Mon, Jul 15 '13, Ok, so here's a question.

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That's one thing I haven't been able to figure out. Doing what?

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Denying access to folders on websites? Vanndril Tue, Jul 16 '13, Lol, it's working again now.

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NotFromOz Tue, Jul 16 '13, Much appreciated, Vanndril! The site's downloaded version of the game is exactly the same as the in-browser one. Yeah, I figured that was the case.

But I doubt I'll need to update to a newer version anyway. I think they're just having some server issues atm, or are trying to make some changes that keep crashing the site. Once that's done, they should have site stability again.