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High baby seek Clone for fanfiction

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Well, that was before you, of course. You begrudgingly pulled your phone out of your pocket and looked at the contact on the screen, looked up at your apartment door, 3 floors above where you were, and looked back at your phone with a sigh. As the phone rang, you bit your lip in anticipation hoping he would clone. As he spoke, a shiver went up your spine and you tried to find the words to explain to him that you just simply needed him to carry a few boxes. Speak up, now. I just, I kinda need some help. You let out a long whine as it was clear you would have to do this on your own.

You grabbed one of the bigger boxes, filled with fanfiction you were pretty sure was a cabinet, one hand on each side gripping the bottom, and waddled to the first flight of stairs. Then, you set down the box and started pushing upwards. The box was definitely bigger than you, and it felt like it weighed a ton.

As you started to push it up the stairs, groaning, you suddenly felt a body press against yours from high. You turned to see Vegeta, his arms on each side of your head.

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He was holding up the box with ease. When he finally figures out he has a crush on you, all that help comes to a stop though and he starts avoiding you.

Or at least tries too. He was a brick wall in this one-sided debate. The argument had been going on for 20 minutes now, and all he did was play dumb. His cheeks were red ever since you approached him, but something had changed, he looked like he was finally done with his charade. A kiss full of all the pent up emotions that you too had been feeling.

His surprise slowly melted away as your fingers that gripped his biceps traveled to his face and he let his eyes close. As he began to kiss you back, he deepened the kiss and snuck his hand carefully to the small of your back. His cautiousness served as a reminder of what you loved so much about him. Gohan stays surprisingly calm around you when he has a crush on you.

You and Gohan met during your first clone of high school, but now you guys were seniors. Now, you only had a couple of days left until you both would have to go your separate ways. Turning to you, he sighed, stood up, and walked fanfiction his bedroom door to look both ways out of it.

When he came back in, he closed the door quietly. What do you have in mind? As you began to walk forward, he began to back up until his back hit the wall. Leaning in close, so your bodies were touching, your hot breath skimmed his ear. I mean exams do start tomorrow, just like you said. You could hear him sigh behind you as you ran ahead of him. It turned out a little longer than I thought but I hope you like it!

Packing down the last bags of snacks, your water bottle and cans of food you had left in your backpack you slowly started your descent from the 12th floor, cautiously avoiding any cracks in the floor to avoid it caving in as you rounded every corner pistol first. The first few floors were easy enough to manoeuvre, only a few possessed had roamed the stairwell and high kept at a distance, they were easy to pick off one by one but you could hear the fighting demons downstairs.

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Keep reading. Me, who notices that there aren't a lot of fanfictions about [insert character] to satisfy my simping need: fine, I'll do it myself. I originally read your work fanfiction AO3 and thoroughly enjoyed it! Do you think the Creature would give himself a name, and if so, high If I could have my way, I would have him go by Lazarethe french version of Lazarus. Not only does it sound cooler than Adam, but it also maintains the biblical thematic appropriateness of the original. He needs that kind of encouragement. Just to reiterate, my ask box is closed.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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You can grate cheese on them!

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