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Is there a celebrity or other famous person who really gets on your nerves?

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These Celebrity Clerihew poems are examples of Clerihew poems about Celebrity. These are the best examples of Clerihew Celebrity poems written by international poets. Member Area.

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Chachi and Joanie. Chachi Archola doesn't play the viola Instead, he plays the piano.

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Joanie his wife, the love of his life, is a nice soprano. Joanie Cunningham missed her last exam and dropped out of school. Chachi is her gem, her every whim, and she is his precious jewel.

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Like 1 1 Inspiring Enjoyed it Thanks Like 1. Scooby and Shaggy.

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Scooby-Doo can't solve a clue. He's just good at eating snacks.

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You'll find him alone with a bone, whenever a ghost attacks. Shaggy Rodgers eats corn dodgers.

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With his pal Scooby. He usually gets the munchies, right after he smokes his doobie.

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Like 3 3 Inspiring Enjoyed it Nice job Like 3. The Lesser Evil. Like 3 3 Enjoyable!

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Sorry, this post can only be viewed by registered users: Mrs Nicola Sturgeon - Tim Leonardo DiCaprio showed off his twin bro at Steven Spielberg's party whose name happens to be Marty. This seventeen word clerihew poem is about who it is that one actor has introduced at a friend's party.

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