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I'm hunting for pantyhose that cheerleaders wearing

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At the start of each new NFL season, I hold out hope that this will be the year when country singer Carrie Underwood shows just a little professionalism and class, and wears sheer nude pantyhose when performing the Sunday Night Football opening theme song. And every year, I call her on it. And the s, as reported by the likes of Forbes. Why is the NFL seemingly becoming less popular each year? How about the whole gangsta image many of its players and marketers want to emulate? Could it be the fact that so many ex-players are dying in their 50s?

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My first professional dance team audition I showed up in a pair of tights that I purchased from Target that were two shades too light for my skin.

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On top of that - they were uncomfortably falling down about 30 minutes into my dance audition. Now being a tenured professional dancer, I know the go-to tights that all of my teammates around me wear - but unfortunately, I am not the only one who has been clueless at one point or another when it comes to the kind of tights to wear as a dancer.

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Of course there are so many brands of dance tights out there that you can find, but we require specific characteristics that only certain brands have customized perfectly for dancers and cheerleaders. When it comes to professional dance teams - we need tights customized for what we do: durable enough to withstand hours of intense dancing for auditions and games, a perfect fit for every type of uniform cut that we have, as well as a natural and complimenting material for each of our skin tones.

From a distance it may look like just another pair of tights, but the ones you see NBA dancers and NFL cheerleaders wearing are seriously made special!

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Having tights that match your skin tone and look as natural as possible is the one goal. As pro dancers and cheerleaders we want to mask the fact that we are wearing wearing tights in the first place. Pro Tip : Make sure that you get a cheerleader of tights that match your regular skin tone and a pair that matches your skin tone with a spray tan.

Many of our dancers spray tan frequently for games, so having both cheerleaders is great just in case! You need tights that are not distracting, blend with your natural skin tone, and are almost unnoticeable. Ideally, you want to go for a natural look with a sheer and glossy material.

Try to avoid thick, opaque tights that have tendency to make your legs look a bit dull. We want to wear tights that are sheer and nothing past semi-opaque dn. Again, the goal is to mask the fact we have tights on at all! This is so important since we wear tights with almost every single dance costume we have and throughout the season. Regular tights have a tendency to get wearing after intense wear, so it is important to have a pair that pantyhose keep their shape after hours of dancing and movement.

We also need tights that have a strong material and are not easily torn while moving around or constantly taking them on and off. Sizing plays a big part in durability so make sure that you find the best size for you - if you get a pair too small your tights will tear and if you get a pair too big then you will have excess fabric on the legs. We have so many different dance uniform cuts and costume changes so you need tights that flatter your figure in every style.

It is important that they mend well to your legs, are very hugging, and do not lose their shape after hours of dancing. Most studio branded tights have a "control top," or a different colored pantyhose shape towards the top of the hosiery.

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We want to avoid these control tops for professional dancing. Our uniforms are all cut differently, so we need a universal pair of tights that will work with all costume changes. Pro tip : You want the tights to match your skin tone as best as possible and please no crotch lines, waistbands, or tags hanging out.

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The Florescent lighting does not flatter very well so test the color in that bright lighting. Take selfies to see what looks best on you! Lets go through the TOP 3 hosiery brands that are used in the professional dance world religiously during dance auditions and in season. Diva Hosiery is worn by professional, collegiate, and amateur dance and cheer teams nationwide. Diva Hosiery has been my go-to since I made my first professional dance team, five years ago now. My teammates did group orders for Diva and Peavey but everyone went for Diva, so of cheerleader I did wearing. As ofwe still do team orders with these two tights brands so they are definitely a pantyhose among our NBA dance team.

They are probably my top choice when it comes to tights because they are sheer, compressive, and have a nice gloss to them. They are durable yet have a natural appearance, low-rise, and sheer to the waist, allowing them to be worn under any type of uniform fit.

They also have an elastic stretch with a slight shine. Style : Footed or Footless.

Peavey hosiery

Shades : Natural, Suntan, and Mocha. Sizing : A, B, C A sizing chart is provided to get your perfect fit - always check the sizing chart before ordering! Longevity: When it comes to dance — you may typically only get a few uses. The material is thin and sheer so it is vital you take your time and be careful when putting them on or taking them off. Otherwise, they do a great job of keeping their tight fit and lasting through all of our dance endeavors.

You can also wash your tights but make sure to wash them on delicate and let them air dry.

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Peavey Hosiery is another go-to in the professional dance and cheer industry. They are durable, come in a variety of shades, and have some shine but slightly more of a matte finish compared to Diva Hosiery. They also provide discounts to pro teams for bulk orders, which is a big plus! Many dancers love Peavey and have only ever used this brand. Light support is the wearing order among pro dancers. Sizing : A, B, C, D, Q — sizes pantyhose A sizing chart is provided to get your perfect fit - always check the sizing chart before ordering! Longevity : When it comes to dance — you may typically only get a few uses.

Otherwise, they do a great job of keeping their tight fit and lasting through all of our dance team endeavors. Tamara Hosiery is another popular brand in the professional dance and cheerleading industry. These tights are semi-sheer, providing more coverage while still showing off your natural skin.

Due to the thickness and microfiber construct, these tights do tend to last longer and are less prone to runs even when you are in a rush taking them on or off. If you have game days outdoors with colder weather, these would be a great choice due to their extra layer of thickness - especially in correlation to the other brands mentioned above. They are high coverage and fit to your curves extremely well. Sometimes it is nice to have a thicker pair of tights on hand, even if it is not your preference because they really do make a difference in colder weather. They are definitely thicker than the other two tights brands mentioned, more durable due to their thickness, and of cheerleader are the least expensive!

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Which means they are convenient to just go and pick up if you are in need of tights or do not have the time to order online. Calendar Girl Pantyhose are the general order among dancers, choosing this brand of tights. Sizing : Sizes vary depending on tights style A sizing chart is provided to get your perfect fit. Longevity : Due to the thickness, these tights are extremely durable. They do a great job of staying compressed cheerleader after a hour long game day. Even though the material is thicker, it is wearing you still take your time and be careful when pantyhose them on or taking them off.

I have seen dancers show up to auditions in tights not made for hours of dancing and excessive movement, shades that do not match their skin tone, or even some girls wearing no tights at all trust me, tights are our best friends.

Cheerleaders in pantyhose

If you are not currently using these tights, I would highly recommend investing. Not only are they a game changer but it is also a must when you are on a uniform dance team. Just like you need a good costume, uniform, and dance shoes — you need a great pair of tights to top it all off! If you are not currently using these dance tights, I would highly recommend investing in them. Not only are they a game changer, but it is also a must when you are on a uniform dance team - especially as a pro dancer.

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Great skin color matches, durable, and great support while dancing. Back Makeup Hair Game Day. Top 3 Must-have Best Dance Tights for Professional Dancers and Cheerleaders Team picks on the top 3 best dance tights for the pro dance and pro cheerleading industry. A few of the specific qualities you need to for in professional dance tights:. Diva Hosiery Diva Hosiery is worn by professional, collegiate, and amateur dance and cheer teams nationwide.

Top 3 must-have best dance tights for professional dancers and cheerleaders

Transparency : Sheer. Peavey Hosiery Peavey Hosiery is another go-to in the professional dance and cheer industry. Style : Footed, Footless, Toeless. Transparency : Semi-Opaque, 40dn. Shades : Light Sutan, Suntan, Mocha.

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