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Son dating crossdressing who Caught bbbw

I'm a 43 year old widow and my 23 year old son Jess still lives at home. The boy came in my son.

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Apr 1, by anonymous views 93 comments. I need some opinions on this. I came home from work today and went into my bathroom, at first i thought it was my wife but it turned out to be my son wearing his moms clothes tight black leggings and one of those sweaters that show cleavage and a wig. He looked very embarassed and I just walked out.

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This issue

Remember Me? Mobile Site Advanced Search. Advanced Search. Hi Everyone, Jenny, the psychology major, here with another family question. I don't think we have talked about this before.

Let me set the scene: You come home from work an hour early one day and peek into your 12 year old son's bedroom. He doesn't see you. What do you do: It seems there are several possible responses: 1. You quietly back out and don't say anything to anybody. He will have to discover for himself whether dressing is a passing fancy or a lifetime obsession and how far he will take it.

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You politely knock and when he answers you try to put him at ease and talk about crossdressing but without mentioning your own interest in the subject. Same as 2 but you do discuss your own interest in this activity. Same as 1 but you do discuss with it with his mother and come up with a plan to address the issue. You don't say anything to him right then but you do make plans to discuss this with him at a later date when he is not dressed. You make arrangements for him to see a qualified counselor to discuss sexual identity issues. You burst into the room and attempt to make him as embarassed as you can.

Your thought is that you have had difficulty over the years dealing with your own dressing and you want to save your son from this confusion if you can.

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I am sure there are other responses. In my own case, my mother caught me wearing my sister's dress and panties when I was 9. She gently explained that dresses and panties were for little girls and I shouldn't do that again. Of course, I didn't listen to her and look at me now. So what would you do if you caught your son crossdressing? Last edited by Jenny; at AM. I'd put on my favorite outfit and him! What to do, what to do I think I would open the door to let him know I know, and reassure him he has done nothing wrong.

What to do, what to do

After that plans need to be made: Mommy and sibelings at some point need to be told, and counseling has to happen. I wouldn't attempt to stop it; but I wouldn't allow it in the closet either. Come on out, it's nice once you get used to it. Well Jenny, knowing my love of the finer female attire I would try very hard not make my son I dont have any but I would endeavour to put him at ease and also tell him about myself, letting him know that his didnt like what I did but I still did it in private. I also explain that it was a wonderful harmless thing he was doing.

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Perhaps after a while I would invite him, at a discrete opportunity, to me in dressing as well. Oh yes, I was discovered by my mother at about 10 wearing a very frilly nighty and panties I taken from my neighbours clothes line I would support him in any way that he wanted.

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If he wanted to talk, then we would talk. If he didn't, then we wouldn't. I'm of the belief of live and let live.

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His life is his, as mine is mine. Hugs, Teddie.

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Life as a crossdresser is not easy and believe me, if I could take that magic pill and have the desire leave forever, I wouldn't think twice. Sorry everyone, I know this is crossdressing blasphemy. If I caught my son, I would have a good idea of the type of life he would lead. Always darting around and terribly afraid someone would find strange items in his room.

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If he knew that I knew I would talk to him and let him know that I loved him no matter what. But if he didn't know, I wouldn't talk to him, I would just let him be. I know at that age, I didn't want anyone to talk to me about it, it was all very strange. I think I would want to discourage him, but yet I know it wouldn't make any difference.

I would just try and offer him support anytime he needed it. I do not have any kids in this life time.

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But if and when i ever did and it were the boy who was crossdressing I do not think i would ever say what is or are you doing after all if it were the girl in boys clothing it would be quite alright as girls are now allowed to wear boy or male type clothing and it's no big deal but and why should it be any different for a boy or male to dress in what is still called girls clothing this is totally wrong why shoud it be just for one sex or the other it is just clothing sewn together diferently. So what difference can it possible make if a mlae outs on a skit or dress and wants to wear it.

It is suppose to be just this way and it should be accepted by now for both sexes to wear and dress as they please I'm never going to let this be it is time ot set this differences aside and get on with far more important stuff then what and how people act and dresss.

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Suzy Ann. This issue My wife and I have talked about this issue with regards to our son, who is six and has been behaving oddly these days. He is going into his room and hiding under the sheets naked with a stuffed dog. We are trying to not make him feel bad, but redirect him as much as possible.

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This is hard. I would not want my son to go through my first twenty five years or so of dressing up - but if I could give him a pill to get him to the emotion point I am at now - I guess it would be okay to deal with in a less stressful way if I found him out.

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If i had a son and i saw him doing that, I'd have a conversation with him immediatly about how he should't do that when someone is home. It is not a crime or in my opinion a desease. It is just a feeling inside that can be very beautiful and if handled, correctly, it can make a person more caring and sensitive to both sexes. I do not think that I would trade my past experiences as a crossdresser.

Nor would I want him to change his lifestyle. In this new century, the world is accepting this behavior a lot more than it did in the 60's and 70's. I guess because more "girls" have come out. His choices in life are his and he definitely will need support on this decision. I think another way to look at this issue for those who don't have sons is to talk about how you would have wanted your parents to react when or if they discovered you dressed.

As I said my mom was very gentle when she discovered me dressed.

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She just talked about how dresses were for girls and not boys. It wasn't a very long conversation and she didn't make a big deal out of it. To my knowledge she never mentioned it to my father.


I am not sure how my father would have reacted if he had discovered me. A lot of times he could be pretty gruff and grumpy but every now and then he could be surprisingly understanding. I don't catch any kids myself so this is all speculation for me.

I think I would definitely speak to my son but probably not while he was dressed. I really don't know if I would tell him about my own dressing although I might depending on how the conversation went. I have to admit a certain distrust of counselors. At this point in my life, I do not want a counselor to "cure" me of my dressing. I really like being Jenny sometimes for all the confusion that it son me. So I am not sure I would take my son to a therapist unless I saw other behaviors that would cause me to have additional concerns.

Just dressing alone does not seem so bad. That's how I would answer crossdressing own question. Counsellors Being very interested about psychology and medical from an early age, I have read medical texts and journals for years. I have doctor friends and my mom is a medical adminstrator.

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I know a great deal about medical and the human body and brain from neuroimmunology to virology, I am well versed. My eight years and three degrees including a masters taught more a great deal about theory and practise. I findd that some of the people I have seen in the medical and psyche filed, know ificantly less that I do.

Actually, I desire to leave my current job in five years and return to medical school to work in the field of public health. I want to be the head public health officer in my county.