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On this of the game guide to Borderlands 2 you will find a detailed description of the side mission titled Won't Get Fooled Again. You can start this quest in the Sanctuary location during the completion of the main mission named Bright Lights, Flying City.

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It seems that Justin MacReady has been murdered and Marshall Friedman needs your help in determining the culprit. You only need to identify the killer to finish the mission, with optional objectives to question the Marshall himself, Moxxi and Dr.

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Marshall Friedman asks for help in solving the murder case of Justin Macready. He says that one of the Gutter quadruplets in front of him pulled the trigger and killed Justin.

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You should talk with Moxxi, Dr. Zed and Marshall Friedman to reveal information discovering which of the four suspects committed the crime otherwise, Marshall will have to hang them all and waste his time. Talking with Friedman he tells you that the murderer killed with a single bullet shot. Questioning Moxxi at the Bar she tells you that he has a shield and Dr. With these clues you can accuse the person you think committed the crime.

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The only person with a single-shot weapon, shield, and full health is Barlo Gutter. This delay gives you some time to select another suspect. Ennis Gutter : Hey. It was Hark. Marshall Friedman : You gonna make me get the pepper spray?

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Shut up. One of these Gutter quadruplets pulled the trigger on that boy over there.

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Naturally, I ignored it, until somebody came and got me. Oh, yeah — one of them barged in here a couple hours ago, demanding safe haven. I had to pull out Rubi and put a few rounds in him — his shield ate the first two, but boy, did he feel the last one. Nobody threatens me in my t. Zed Dr. Zed : Sure, I pulled a round outta one of them Gutter boys. I healed him up as good as new, but, the little skunk overpaid me — six thou— five thousand bucks. Barlo Gutter : Pahahaha!


Seeya, idiots! Barlo Gutter : Yeah, I did it! Marshall Friedman : Good job, deputy.

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Barlo thought he could snipe an innocent man and get away with it. But that…. How useful was this post? Vote count: 0.

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No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. Marshall Friedman : Can it, boy. Barlo Gutter : Go to hell! But that… Marshall Friedman : …was a long shot.


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Borderlands 2 won’t get fooled again walkthrough

About the Author. Lucas spends most of his time playing games and watching TV series. What he likes most are strategy games and writing "how-to" gaming guides. When he is not near his mobile device you can find him playing on his classic guitar and drinking beer with friends. You might also like. Walkthrough Mission Objectives […]. Shift Codes Borderland 2 Not many games in the past have surfaced where the developers rush out with help every now and then. Most of the games are like fire and forget missiles where the developers get down developing the next big thing.

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However, the Borderland series from GearBox Sofware is one game where the […]. It has 5 parts that take place in different locations with two mission objectives to find the treasure and to Open the chest. The mini-map locations on how to track each chest […]. Borderlands 2 Toil and Trouble by Lucas on October 11, Toil and Trouble is a story mission in Borderlands 2 that occurs in the Sanctuary.

Rewards at level 25 are XP and 4 Eridium.

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Walkthrough Mordecai tells you that Jack killed Roland and Bloodwing, but […]. Borderlands 2 Uncle Teddy by Lucas on October 10, Lady Fist is a unique pistol manufactured by Hyperion.

Mission brief

It is highly […]. Borderlands 2 Kill Yourself by Lucas on October 9, Latest Articles. All Pokemon Starters By Generation. Latest In Games. Day of Infamy Console Commands.