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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life.

Outlaw biker gang sex stories

Julie stumbled down the road, the wind biting and cold as it whipped her long brown hair around her face. Not caring where she went she walked onwards the tears stinging her face as she recalled the almighty row she had with her father. Julie had gone to a party and ended up in bed with the husband and wife throwing the party. She was sure that at 16 she could more than handle what the world would throw at her. Julie sat in the corner of the pub drinking steadily and by now was more than a little drunk as the doors opened and a group of bikers walked in.

The leader pushed his way to the bar and thumped his hand down demanding beers for him and his boys. The man spotted the forlorn looking girl sitting all by herself. Julie swallowed hard thinking to herself that is she was being called a slut by her father she might as well act like one. The big biker needed no second invitation and pulling Julie to her feet, his face split into an evil grin as he pulled her toward the side door.

Nonconsent/reluctance stories

Julie could hardly stop gagging as he proceeded to fuck her face pulling her roughly by the hair as he thrust in and out of her pretty mouth. Swallowing hard she felt him jerk into her mouth and with each spurt more of his hot cum poured down her throat.

Wiping his cock in her hair, he grabbed Julie roughly under the chin. Julie slowly started to strip, her head still reeling from the alcohol and the head rush from the bike ride. Obviously not moving fast enough for them, the bikers pulled and tugged at her clothing ripping some of it in the process. Julie stood shivering in the middle of the room now a little uncertain if she had done the right thing in coming here. Julie looked up and saw Pig laughing as the rest of the gang unzipped their flies pulling out cocks of various shapes and sizes.

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Two of the bikers stood in front of her and as she alternated between the two cocks, the others contented themselves with pawing at her body. She felt the rough hands poking and probing, not gentle like she was used to but hard and uncaring but Julie could feel her body responding. I must be a slut she thought as she sucked the cock deep into her mouth whilst she felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Another cock caused her to gag a little at first, as it quickly filled her open mouth at the same time. The biker behind began to thrust into her as she sucked hard on the cock. She felt the biker tense and his strokes became more urgent as he ploughed into her young body, and then she heard him grunt and felt her pussy filled as he pumped his cum into her.

As he pulled out Julie felt his cum trickle down her legs as the next biker in line plunged into her soaking pussy. Julie was gang to enjoy the fucking she was getting now and felt the first orgasm run through her as the second biker pumped his seed into her. Julie was moaning as the third guy filled her gaping hole and started to fuck her with steady thrusts. Soon another lot of hot sticky cum burst into her body as she bucked on the table. Horse started to drive into her, each stroke biker her almost off the table as he sex in and out.

Julie pushed back stories the feel of the cock filling her more than she had ever been filled before. Screaming at the top of her voice Julie felt her orgasm crash through her as Horse jerked deep into her body shooting her full. Slumped over the table Julie tried to catch her breath from the hard fucking she had just received from the four guys. Julie felt the man rub his cock up and down her pussy lips gathering the mixture of her juices and the mixture of the cum from the various bikers. She felt the cock pushing against her rosebud and as she relaxed, the cock burst inside her.

Biker rape

There was no gentle waiting for her to get used to the invasion in her ass as with John. This time the bastard just drove his cock in deep in one stroke. Julie face was drenched in sweat as she felt herself coming yet again.

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With an almighty cry the man jerked hard into her ass filling her full of his cum as Julie thrust backwards onto his pole like a wanton whore. Hardly had Julie got used to the relief of her ass being empty of cock when Pig started pushing at her anal opening. She felt him pushing in and out and could hear the sound of his cock moving, with the amount of cum already filling her ass, lubricated his passage. It was a few days later and Julie was pulled from her haze and felt hands pulling her off the dirty mattress she had been sleeping on.

Julie stood naked in the middle of the room as Pig extolled her virtues to the three new people standing in the room.

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Julie soon found two cocks jabbing at her face as she sucked each one in turn, feeling them grow harder as her wet mouth enveloped them in turn. The first man lay on his back and Julie straddled him holding her pussy lips open with her fingers.

‘biker gang’ stories

Sighing contentedly, she slipped her pussy down his stiff pole feeling herself filled with his biker. She felt a hand push her forward so her breasts lay on the man beneath her and a finger poking something cold and wet at her ass. The man below held her steady with his cock deeply embedded in her as the other started to push his story in and out of her ass. Soon the bastard was satisfied that her asshole was ready; he pushed his rock hard cock into her willing ass.

She felt her head lifted by the hair and another cock pushed past her lips meaning she had every hole full. Julie bucked on the cock filling her pussy and as she lifted, she felt the other cock drive deeply into her ass. Her mouth sucking hard she worked her head in a steady rhythm sucking on the cock in her face. Soon the biker she was sucking started to grunt and grabbing her head, he started to fuck her mouth with gang thrusts. As his cum spurted sex her throat Julie felt her body contract as a massive orgasm ran through her. This caused her muscles to contract and so set the other two men off.

The julie journals – the biker gang

Julie felt the biker beneath jerk his hips upwards as he pumped his cum into her, closely followed by the third thrusting deep into her ass and pumping his seed into her as well. Later Julie lay quietly on the mattress again looking at the stars out of the skylight window.

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Pig had told her she could stay for as long as she wanted and after the performance, she had put on that night he was looking forward to a long and financially rewarding time together. As Julie drifted off to sleep she thought to herself, well Julie you may be a slut but at least you have someone who wants you around. Julie woke as the cold harsh sunlight streamed through the skylight window. As she padded naked to the bathroom Julie realised that the last three years were mostly a blur.

Her pussy and ass throbbed a bit and she tried to recall how many had sex fucked her last night but lost count at Shrugging to herself and pulling some dry cum from her hair with her fingertips and trying to get some form of order to her hair, then looking round for some clothes and pulled on a semi clean t-shirt and a short denim skirt and left the bathroom. This content appeared gang on new sex story. She had lived with the bikers for three years since running away from home at 18 and was basically their housemaid and resident slut. Putting the greasy bacon sandwich and mug of steaming coffee in front of Pig Julie went to turn away but his hand stopped her.

Julie hid her shame, as although at times she hated being treated like a piece of meat she also loved the constant sexual attention she got. Damien got his biker from the occult film the Omen, and he lived up to his name, as he was the devil himself at times. It was at this point she felt herself being lifted so she was gang bent over and her skirt being pulled over her hips. Tears streamed down her face as Damien thrust brutally in and out of her ass, his laughter ringing in her ears every time she yelled out. It was sex relief to Julie when Horse finally deposited his load into her stomach and that just left Damien.

Knowing she had no choice Julie carefully placed the cock near her mouth and started working it with her hand. Julie went to stand but Damien held her down with a hand on her shoulder. Julie watched helplessly as his cock twitched and then a stream of urine hit her full in the face.

Closing her mouth and eyes Julie braced herself as Damien pissed over her face laughing manically as he did so. When he had finished he pushed Julie to the floor and turned back to the kitchen table to get his breakfast. Julie bit back the tears of shame and slowly rose to her feet and went to the bathroom. Coming back a few bikers later Julie heard them story which turned to hushed tones when she entered the room. They continued to story in muted voices as she cleaned the kitchen and she could pick up snippets of conversation.

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For all she knew they could be planning a robbery, a fight or the kidnapping and raping some poor girl, all three of which they had done over the past years. That evening Pig, Horse and Damien came through the door in high spirits and slumped in front of the television on the beat up old couch. Julie unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground, stepping out of it as she pulled her top over her head. Then after collecting the beers from the fridge went back into the front room.

Pig had his cock out and was working it with his hand and Julie knew what was expected of her.

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After handing over the beers Julie crawled in front of Pig, as the men watched some loud porno film, and started to suck his growing cock. If something was wanted Charlie could and would get it. Julie heard the panting noise and felt sharp claws digging into her back and the touch of warm fur against her ass.

Her head still ringing from the blow Julie reed herself to the fact that she was about to get fucked by a dog.

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With a growl of triumph he thrust deep causing Julie to squeal as the cock invaded her. Julie had been fucked quite a few times but nothing she had experienced prepared her for this.

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Pig had released her head and Julie braced herself against his knees and found herself pushing back to meet the dogs thrusts. Over the rest of the week Julie tended to King and she found herself loving the dog more and more. Julie knew that what she had done was wrong in some ways but as King rolled on his back so she could tickle his tummy she felt a glow in giving him pleasure.

Saturday night came and the room was packed and full of men who were cheering wildly and making a lot of noise. Someone had got hold of a dog porn video that was playing in the corner while heavy rock music thumped out. King growled contently and his cock started to show from his sheath. The music stopped abruptly as Julie and King walked into the room and everything went quiet.

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Julie knelt and began to gently work King with her hand as she had done a few times over the last few days. Julie put her hands between her legs and grasping his hot cock guided him to her waiting pussy, letting out a deep sigh of contentment as his cock drove home filling her full. King seemed to sense her acceptance and started to fuck Julie hard, her moans of pleasure seemed to encourage him more. Julie moaned loudly as the knot opened her and then starting to swell inside her, throbbing and pulsing. The shouts and cheers from the room bought Julie back to reality as King was still buried deep in her pussy.