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Thai chica stories up Asking for spanked

Rather than edit out references to minors and parentswe leave it to visitors the insert the appropriate wording e. You want to be spanked: what do you do next?

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Years 32
Sexual preference: Male
Iris tone: Huge hazel eyes
Figure features: My figure type is muscular
What I like to listen: Blues
I have tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

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When I was a junior in High School I was caught shoplifting. My best friend and I decided to go Wal-Mart on a Saturday. We had it all planned out, I would bring in a plastic bag from another store, put a handful of computer games in the bag and walk out the front door.

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The plan was to come back the next day and return them for store credit. The plan fell apart when the security guard at the door asked for my receipt; I told them I did not have the receipt and he walked us both to the back office. The female manager in the back office asked us to empty out our pockets; we both complied and showed her our empty wallets.

She said that because we did not have any money it showed that we came to the store intending to steal which we spanked. She asked us how old we were and we both responded that we were 17 years old, she told us to give her our parents phone so she could have them pick us up. She also added that we were lucky because if we story any older she would have called the police instead. We both gave her our phone s and began the long wait for our parents to arrive. While waiting the manager asked what our punishments would be, my friend tuned red and I replied that I would probably be grounded or something.

A little while later my mom showed up, gave me the disappointed look, took me home and sent me to my room to wait for her to decide what to do with me. Later that evening she came in, told me how disappointed she was and said that I was grounded for 30 days.

I tried to argue that 30 days is too long, and that I had asking with my girlfriend the next Friday, but my mom stood unusually firm and said that I should have thought about that before deciding to shoplift.

Asking to be spanked

On Monday at school I ran into all my friends hanging out, they were making plans for the weekend. They asked me what I had planned and I told them that I was grounded, they asked what I did and for how long so I told them the entire story. They asked if I could get out of it, and I explained that I tried, and my mom was being unusually firm this time. Then to my surprise they asked if I could suggest to my mom an alternative punishment, and I asked what they meant.

They said that I should ask to be spanked instead, it would be over quicker and I would be able to go out next weekend. Just then my girlfriend snuck up behind me, hugged me from behind and asked me what we were doing on Friday.

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That is when I knew my friends were right; I had to do whatever I could to get out of being grounded. After school I asked my mom if we could talk about me being grounded for so long, and she said that her decision was final. I asked if there was any other punishment that we could do instead, and she asked what I had in mind. I explained that some of my friends at school still get spanked, and she sounded surprised, really? Then to my surprise she opened to the idea and said that she needed to call around and see what other people think, and told me to go to my room and seriously consider what I am suggesting.

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A couple hours later my mom came into my room and said that most of the family agrees that I deserve a good hard spanking. I am sure my face turned red when I asked if we were going to do this right now, and she said that she was not going to be the one giving me the spanking. She then explained that we were going to make a trip there and meet him at a hotel that Saturday.

Needless to say it was a really story week; my impeding spanking was always on my mind. Finally Saturday arrived, about 7 in the morning my mom woke me up told me to hurry up and get dressed, and recommended that I put on clean underwear.

I hesitated to ask why, but I had a few sets of holy boxers left and the underwear I was planning on wearing on my date sex was a possibility. Unfortunately they were red Hanes bikini bottoms, I put them on and looked in my bathroom mirror, and they left little to the imagination. As I debated changing them, my mother shouted that I needed to hurry because we needed to leave now, so I threw on a spank of jeans and a t-shirt and ran out. The 4-hour drive was complete silence, my mom occasionally looked at me with her disappointed face and I just looked down.

Towards the end of the drive I gathered the courage to ask if she knew what was going to happen. She said that I was likely going to have to take a few swats of the paddle, and that it would be over before I knew it. I asked her about clothing and she said that the paddle is traditionally given fully clothed, and to try not to worry about it. Then she smiled and told me that several family members thought that I should get it on the bare bottom. I turned red and looked down, getting a spanking is bad enough, but having numerous people know about it is much worse.

When we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel I started to get really nervous, I asked my mom if I had to go through with it. She replied that this was all my idea, and that we drove 4-hours and to get my butt in there. She gave me the room and told me to knock on the door; she told me she was going to the mall and to call when we were done.

With that, she drove off, I was straight up scared at this point, but there was no turning back, and walked to the spank. A 60 year old guy answered the door and introduced himself as uncle buck, I told him my story and he let me in the room and locked the door behind me. When I entered I noticed that the desk was moved away from the wall and it had a large paddle sitting on it.

He asked me what I did and I told him that I was caught shoplifting. He told me that my mom told him what happened and said that I put a lot of thought into it, and asked me if that was my first time stealing. Then he said that I have needed a spanking for a long time, and my mom agreed that this was for the asking.

He told me to stand up and empty out my pockets, as I did he picked up the large paddle and motioned for me to bend over the desk. As I reluctantly bent over the desk I asked if this was his idea of taking it easy. He firmly stated that in Texas schools paddlings are complete legal, and if we lived there I would have certainly received a few before now.

When I was completely in position he told me to grab the edge of the table and told me not to move, as soon as I complied I felt him place the paddle against my jeans covered bottom. When I was 17, I was 6 feet tall and pounds so I had a small behind and the large paddle completely covered it.

He just replied that we are nowhere near done; I had to take a hard enough punishment to make up for 30 days of grounding.

He said that he was going to go out and grab a soda from the machine, and that if I wanted to stop I could leave and go call my mom to pick me up. If I stayed he expected me to do exactly as he asks and take the full punishment that I deserve. As he walked out he said that if I decided to stay he expected me to strip to my underpants, and be ready to go over his knee, and with that he walked out leaving the door slightly cracked.

I knew I did not have much time to make a decision, but the first thing I wanted to do was look at the damage done to my bottom.

I went around the corner and it was a typical hotel, the sink and a giant wall mirror was right there. I pulled up my shirt and moved the side of my bikini bottoms out of the way, and I could see that even from the short paddling my bottom was already quite red. I was stuck with no way out, I was still standing there in my t-shirt and red bikini bottoms trying to decide when I heard the door open, the decision was made for me. I heard Uncle Buck ask if I was still there, and I replied that I was, I quickly pulled off my shirt as he asked me if I was ready to get it over with.

I looked at myself in the mirror wearing only my socks and underwear wishing that I had worn my boxers instead, the red bikinis left nothing to the imagination and my spanker was going to see everything. He calmed down a little and stated that he has sons that he spanked regularly until they moved out and that he has literally seen everything.

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I turned the corner and I saw him sitting on the edge of the bed, and he took a long look at me and said that I had nothing to be embarrassed about, which of course made me even more embarrassed. He stood up, grabbed me by the arm and guided me over his lap, being so tall my upper body was supported by the bed with my bottom centered over his lap and my legs bent over his.

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He told me that he stopped spanking his kids like this when they were 10 so he expected me not to move around too much and I felt his hand move. But the spanks came down one after the other, after only a couple minutes I was kicking, wiggling around and begging him to stop. As he was chewing me out I was rubbing my really stinging sore bottom, which he clearly did not like so he told me to put my hands on my head. As soon as I put my hands on my head he reached into the waistband of my bottoms and pulled them down to my ankles, I quickly dropped my hands to cover up my completely exposed genitals.

He was able to maneuver one of my legs under one of his pinning mine down, spreading my legs apart around his. As my bottom numbed, my embarrassment returned, at this point I was completely naked except for socks and he was able to see between my legs. That went on for a couple minutes until he felt I had enough and he helped me stand up, as I stood up I covered my genitals again.

He told me that we were almost done and that I was doing great, and he told me to go stand in the corner with my hands on my head while he got ready for the last step.

Asking for a spanking

As soon as I got to the corner I tried to look at how red my bottom was, it was hard to see but while it was pretty red, it was not bruised. He caught me looking, and reminded me that my face was supposed to be in the corner with my hands on my head. As I got back into position I looked down and noticed that my pubic hair was trimmed, I had shaved it for my date hoping to get a BJ and trimmed it to where the only hair I had down there was a small patch above my penis.

I thought it would be sexy for my girlfriend, but it was extremely humiliating standing in the corner waiting for who knows what now. I snuck another peek and Uncle Buck was pulling off his thick leather belt, I also noticed that the pillows were stacked up in the middle of the bed.

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As the realization hit me that I was going to be whipped, he caught me peeking again, and said that if I was going to watch anyway I may as well turn around. I reluctantly turned around and covered my stories, he explained that I was going to lay face down on the spanked with my bottom propped up by the pillows, with my arms and legs spread out.

I walked to the bed hoping my compliance would get it over with quicker, but getting on a bed naked with any modesty at all is impossible, as I was getting into position I knew he saw everything. In this position I was completely exposed and venerable, but at this point he had already seen everything already so while it was still embarrassing I was able to cope to get it over with.

Unexpectedly I heard the whoosh of the belt and felt the crack on my bottom, I gasped it hurt a lot more than his hand. It struck again, are there tears in my eyes? I rolled over on my back, grabbed my bottom and said that I had had enough, he sternly said that there were only two left. I reluctantly rolled over and he cracked the last two down, I rolled over again grabbing my bottom happy that this was all over, but humiliated that I exposed myself yet again.

He told me to go ahead and get dressed but he wanted to show me something before I left, I found my bikini bottoms on the floor and started putting them back on. Uncle buck reached in his bag and pulled out a asking handled brush, he said that it is called a bath brush and it is perfect for older children like me. At this point I was in only my underwear and looking for my shirt and pants, when he pulled out a long stick, he said that it was a cane and was popular in England. I had to find my stuff and get out of there; they were still in the back room near the sink where I left them what feels like ages ago but in reality less than an hour.