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I am with somebody who dicks small

Asian Penis. Asian penis are just like height.

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We just date and have sex, same as my past relationships. Is this normal? Do people just change preferences like that? Also, can you do a PSA about Asian dicks? In my recent but considerable experience, they run the gamut from average to gigantic.

Years old 65
Where am I from: Canadian
I prefer: I'm hetero
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got dark hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is the color of my hair: I've curly gray hair
Languages: Spanish
What is my body type: I'm quite strong

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Yeah, Asian-American men are sexy!

Dispelling the myth of small asian dicks

Ah, right, because we as a society have somehow been misinformed about Asian-American men through persistent myths and caricatures in the media and in our daily lives. Thanks, racism. You mean Asian-American men are like regular guys, too? Our current perspective on Asian-American men must be pretty screwed up if we need to be assured that Asian-American men are—ya know—average. I scoured the Internet for reliable studies regarding penis sizes. The conclusion? Seriously, any research based on self-reported data, well, is not real research. Want actual facts about penises?

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The myth of the small asian cock

But the persistent stereotype that Asian men have small penises is actually a part of ethnic body policing. Yes, ethnic body policing. Remember Sarah Baartmanthe Hottentot Venus?

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In the same way, black men have been equated with larger-than-average penis sizes. Black men are seen as animalistic and sexually aberrant, and therefore must have massive penises to match. In all situations, we assume that white people are the norm. Simply put, white body parts are not policed in the same way, but rather are held as the standard to which other bodies are compared.

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Just ask Serena Williams. When we make the assumption that all Asian-American men have small penises, we are doing the same thing. But Asian-American men are not weak and effeminate whatever that means. Definitely not weak. In fact, Glenn has become a leader on the show and makes trusted decisions. Asian-American comedian Hari Kondabolu uses his humor and wit to tackle tough issues around race, sexuality, and class. Check out Hari Kondabolu pointing out social injustices. Again, whatever that means.

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Spoken word artist Beau Sia proudly wears his pink sweater while he shares his experience as an Asian-American man. Yes, Elliot Rodgers was an Asian-American man. His disturbing manifesto included a self-hate for his Asian identity that may have contributed to his rage and targeting of both Asian men whom he despised and white women whom he desired.

"its color was its size": the twisted myth of the small asian penis

Unfortunately, he chose to deal with his feelings of masculine inadequacy with violence. Asian-American men are also stereotyped and seen as less masculine within the queer community. I remember hearing Asian-American families all over the country let out a collective sigh. Another nerdy Asian-American boy on television to solidify the nerdy guy stereotype. Long Duk Dong managed to simultaneously perpetuate the myth that Asians all have comical mono-syllabic foreign names and remind us to think about Asian penises.

These are not just harmless stereotypes. These jokes and jabs matter.

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They build up over time and have damaging effects. They matter because there are thousands of young Asian-American men struggling to belong and just live life without battling insensitive stereotypes. Thankfully, a whole group of young and talented Asian-American men are redefining the media landscape and rewriting the nerdy image of Asian-American men.

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Whether they intend to or not, these young Asian-American men are showing Americans that Asian-American men are just—well—typical American men. Though they do touch upon racial stereotypes once in a while, these YouTubers mostly make funny videos about current events, food, and relationships. Like all young men. And you know what?

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Not all Asian-American men are nerdy or good at math either. In fact, when we think about the overwhelming statistics that Asians are better at math, we are usually referring to studies that compare American students to students in other Asian countries. News flash: Asian-American students are American students, too.

Studies that show Asian-American students exceeding in math are also problematic because they lump diverse Asian-American students under one big umbrella.

When we assume Asian-American boys are doing well in school, we overlook individual needs. We fail to support our students who need the most help.

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Not all stereotypes are good. Because of this myth, Asian-American men are being passed up for higher-level leadership positions. While women in the workplace are butting he with the glass ceiling, Asian-Americans are feeling the stall in their careers as well. Asian-Americans hold only 2. Asian-American men are having a hard time securing senior-level positions of leadership. If qualified Asian-American men are being passed up for leadership positions, something else must be at play here.

Until we start seeing Asian-American men as strong, capable leaderswe actively contribute to the barring of Asian-American men from leadership positions that they deserve. You know the stereotype that Silicon Valley is full of white men and Asian men?

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And the stereotype that only black men excel at professional basketball? We need to stop recycling these racially-driven stereotypes because they only perpetuate the idea that black men are physically deviant and that Asian men are intellectually divergent. Every comment is perpetuating the lies that Asian-American men have small penises, are effeminate, and are nerdy. The message is clear: Asian-American men are not good enough simply because they are Asian.

In her past life, she was a middle and high school math teacher.

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