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Yellow genocide 2 min.

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What is my age I'm 47 years old
Ethnicity: I'm czech
Sex: I'm lady
Body type: I'm quite muscular
In my spare time I love: Collecting
Body tattoos: None

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SenorLoco Jul Azula Aug I have my discord listed somewhere in my recording's comments. I am incredibly turned on by WMAF raceplay. An asian female who loves white cock and belittles asian men is so hot to me. If anyone can record the following scenario for me, I would be eternally grateful. So here's the scenario: A really hot asian girl is in an asian guy's dorm room in college.

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The audio is spoken by the asian female and addressed to the asian male. The asian girl has a reputation for hooking up with white guys, but she decides to make an exception. The Asian guy takes off his pants. The Asian female says, "wow, that's really.

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Then she says, "I know all asian guys have small dicks, but your dick is the smallest dick I've ever seen. All of you asian guys, without exception, have tiny, worthless shrimp dicks.

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Like, are you guys going to go extinct, haha? All those studs treat me and my friends like cum dumpsters, and we love it. You remember Diane, your ex-girlfriend?

And you remember Rob, the tall white guy with the 9 inch cock. Diane sent me the dick pic Rob sent to her.

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How can you, with that tiny, microscopic rice dick, possibly compare to Rob's thick white cock? I have to pinch zoom to see it, haha.

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It's like a gross mushroom. I'm going to send the dick pic to all the girls on campus, so all of them, even the nice girls, will never hook up with you. Rob takes off his pants, and he does have a 9 inch cock.

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Then they start having sex. The asian girl keeps mentioning size difference and humiliation.

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Feel free to add as much to the script as you'd like. Please emphasize size comparison and race. Ideally the audio will be performed by an asian female, but it doesn't have to be. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you! Love your raceplay audio. It's sexy as fuck.

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I have an asian gf myself and when we fuck I totally do the same with her. I tell her I'm going to pound her better than chink dick ever could and she loves it. And that in turn makes me even more satisfied. Keep doing what you're doing! Share This Chirbit.