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Coulter, who has a law degree, had worked for the Senate Judiciary Committee before leaving to become a litigator at the Center For Individual Rights. At the same time, Coulter began gaining national prominence for her TV appearances, in which she spoke out against the Clinton administration. All of this led to Coulter writing her first book, the New York Times bestseller High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clintonin which she details a of the controversies surrounding the then-president and makes an argument for his impeachment.

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Professional troll Ann Coulter just won't go away. The Miami Herald recently profiled Coulter and found out what it's like to ride the Donald Trump gravy train.

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View in: Desktop. LSU Football Schedule. In Register. Political Talk. It is NOT the Kavanaugh accuser whose own father warned that she had psychological problems.

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All we know about Appold is that he is a professor at the Princeton Theological Seminary, meaning that he is less likely to believe in God than any person not a professor at the Princeton Theological Seminary. Are you following how absurd this is?

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Say what you will about Annie. She can write. Replies 5.

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Options Top. In order to get into PTS, you have to be guilt ridden or a minority. She barely believes in God. Replies 2. Even if this was true, it is, in no way and not even close an impeachable offense necessary to remove a sitting justice from any federal court. Evidently, Nadler doesn't require an impeachable offence. Just enough to form a committee impeachment inquiry, and drag in the MSM's multitude of cameras. Replies 1.

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This is all that matters to Nadler. He's nothing but a jester overseeing a kangaroo court. Replies 0. Do girls from PTS want the D? Didn't know PTS had a team.

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Any edge rushers in the transfer portal? Also need a Safety.

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Check around? THAT is the single greatest Ann Coulter column- heck, the best article written by any conservative- that I've ever read. High crimes and misdemeanors. Waggin' your wang at a frat party when you're 18 does not fit this definition. Either you do or you don't.

There's actually an ann coulter doll — and it talks!

Replies 3. Animal Georgia Fan Member since Dec posts.

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Well done. Used to be that way. But in todays world there are many genders and many gradations between either you do or you don't. Be a Unitarian? Bulldogblitz Mississippi St. Fan In my house Member since Dec posts.

I would let her write stories about penis all day long. Socrates used logic: There is either an afterlife or there is not.

Ann coulter

If there is an afterlife than there is either a heaven and hell or there is not. If there is a heaven I shall spend eternity in discussions with the great thinkers of antiquity.

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If there is a hell then that's where you men of the jury will go. Latest LSU News ».

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