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Waiting for a beard to grow in can feel a lot like watching grass grow.

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There are tiny sprouts of hair on my chin and under it only. Plz suggest a solution to it. You need to wait as you are still young and may still grow out more facial hair. If after a few years you still have thinned out mustache or beard you may consider hair transplant at that time. Facial hair growth is determined by inheritance.

Years 20
Nationality: I was born in Ireland
What is my sex: I'm female
I understand: English, Portuguese
Body features: I'm quite fat
What is my favourite drink: Gin
Smoker: Yes

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In this article, our purpose is to answer all the important questions about teenager beard growth and how to address it. I vividly remember being in school when I was 16 years old, and a new guy was ased to my class.

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I was puzzled at why this guy was able to rock so much facial hair at that young age, while I and most of my classmates had not ever even had the need to shave yet. Later in my life when I started researching about hormones and I finally realized that the reason some guys can grow majestic beards even before they can enter a pub, has to do with a mixture of hormones and genetics.

You see, facial hair growth is regulated by two hormones; testosterone T and dihydrotestosterone DHT. These are both androgens, and facial hair is androgenic-hair.

Our mission is to create a world where every investment in modern beauty is worth it.

And while the production of testosterone ramps up in the early stages of puberty, your DHT usually kicks in much later, and DHT is much more potent at stimulating beard growth than testosterone. Yet, there are those who are genetically gifted to produce high amounts of DHT even in their teens, and these are usually the guys who can pull of a full-beard and look like grown men way before they even turn In order for testosterone and DHT to begin growing beard, they need to bind with the androgen receptors first. And as you might guess, the sensitivity and density of these receptors are regulated by your genetics.

Does this mean I will never be able to? The answer is this: You are most likely too young to grow a beard at that stage. If most of the guys in your family have beards or could grow beards, then chances are that you will also be able to pull it off as you age more and your DHT and androgen receptors start to kick in.

If you start stimulating beard growth and forcing it as a teenager and grow beard thanks to that, then how will you ever know if you would have been able to pull it off naturally? Another factor is that some of these methods include things like using minoxidil Rogaine for the face which is an over-the-counter prescription free drug, that is not completely free of side effects. There are a handful of supplements that can help with beard growth like carnitine and forskolin. But you have to understand that most of these things cost money, and a teenager is not exactly in a situation to start spending lots of cash into supplements or Rogaine on a monthly basis.

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In fact, most girls of your age and adults as well will see it more as creepy than awesome. It has to do with testosterone, DHT, and androgen receptors. Most guys will, however, not be able to. Patience is a virtue, and your beard will grow in if nature so intended.

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Those are nothing more than scams from companies that prey on the impatient teens. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home Beards Styles Grooming Reviews. Beard Resource.

How to grow a beard faster

Contents show. Please comment! Please name here. You have entered an incorrect address! Featured Guides. Do Women Like Beards? Unexpected from 7 Scientific Studies.

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